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PinShape Wants to Give you Money for your 3D Education

PinShape is offering a $1000 scholarship for current or recent students seeking a 3D education, and they also want to give you exposure on their website to help make your education pay off.


3D animation and design is a growing field, and the demand for education in these areas is starting to become competitive. PinShape is one of the more interesting entries in the rapidly expanding group of 3D model marketplaces. Unlike some of the others, they have a very specific aesthetic and mission statement, and they seem to be trying very hard to live up to them. They started their beta by approaching the best 3D modellers that they could find and encouraging them to try their marketplace. Now they are looking for students who need help with their student debt and offering them not just cash, but exposure on their growing marketplace.

Here’s a video explaining what PinShape is all about:

If you would like help paying for your expensive 3D education you can apply online for the PinShape Scholarship. You simply need to be a current student or have just recently completed your schooling. Simply create a PinShape account and unload three 3D models that you designed by December 31st 2014.

Selected students will receive $1000 to use towards their student debt and will receive featured coverage on PinShape’s marketplace, blog and their social media pages in order to help get their work noticed.

And if you haven’t gone to school yet, but you are interested in doing so they have created a new “Schools” page with plenty of educational resources. PinShape seems to be taking the same approach to their schooling resources as they have with their marketplace; Quality over quantity. While there are only a half dozen entries on the page currently, they are all well-regarded educational programs that have a proven track record of getting results. If you’re looking for a 3D education, this is a good place to start, and you might even be able to get a $1000 bucks to help you pay for it.