3D Printing

Photoshop CC Expands 3D Printing Support to i.materialise

Once only featuring a handful of MakerBots and Shapeways, Adobe Photoshop CC has added ever greater 3D print preparation and export options, including printer profiles from small manufacturers like Type A Machines and direct export to 3D modeling sites like Sketchfab.  The editing software continues to expand its 3D printing support, this time adding imaterialise to its list of supported 3D printers and 3D printing services.

If you’re using Photoshop to 3D model, you can now prepare a model for printing via Belgian 3D printing service i.materialise.  To do so, you simply download the i.materialise printer profile from Photoshop, unzip, and install it (detailed instructions on the i.materialise site).  Then, clicking on the “3D” tab in the menu bar, choosing “3D Print Settings” and selecting i.materalise from the “Print to”, you’ll be all set.  You can easily select the material you wish to print in – such as brass, silver, ceramics, multicolor, etc. – and Photoshop will generate a preview of your model.

What’s more is that, when you estimate the price of your print, Photoshop repairs your mesh automatically, ensuring that it’s printable.  Afterwards, the pricing for the model, along with finishing options will appear.  Choose your printing material and you’re more or less ready to print, as the program takes you to i.materialise to finish things up.

This is just the beginning of Adobe’s entry into the realm of 3D printing. You can hear more about the software company’s efforts in the field by watching 3DPI’s interview with Adobe’s Andy Lauta below: