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nuFaktory Looks to 3D Printing for Hollywood with New Partner Moshe Barkat

In the booming 3D printing industry, there are a wide variety of players, from larger manufacturers to innovative hobbyists, 3D printing service providers to engineers.  And, among these players there are consulting groups like nuFaktory that work in the background to enable its clients to best implement 3D printing in whatever they do.  And they do so with their collection of specialized experts that bring to the industry a very particular set of skills, skills that they have acquired over very long careers.  In fact, the company describes itself by saying, “Comprised of a team of eight principals, each a master in their individual practice, nuFaktory has a combined portfolio of expertise exceeding two hundred years.” The most recent specialist that the firm has brought on board is their new partner, Moshe Barkat, Founder and CEO of Modern VideoFilm, Inc.

moshe barkat nufaktory 3D printing

Barkat’s post-production company is famous for editing such films and shows as Avatar, Game of Thrones, The Walking Dead, Slumdog Millionaire, The Grand Budapest Hotel, among many others. Due to the increasing use of 3D printing in the world of film and entertainment, Barkat, who has more than thirty years in Hollywood, is a perfect fit for nuFaktory.  Rudy N. Vogel, Co-Founder and Managing Principal of nuFaktory explains, “I and my colleagues are very excited about the addition of Moshe to our expanding team of industry experts. His pristine credentials, network and exceptional industry experience will help us focus our portfolio of services and technologies in these key growth sectors that are driven by innovation. As opportunities are identified, we will be uniquely positioned, with the addition of Moshe, to deliver the finest technology and business development solutions for our clients.”

Barkat, who has since moved on from his long-standing business, sees the benefits of working nuFaktory, too.  He remarked, “I am very excited about working with the dynamic team at nuFaktory. They are uniquely qualified in their capabilities and understanding of what is required in making technology driven companies successful in the 21st century. Their vision and plan are what led me to become a Partner with the company. The nuFaktory experts possess a deep industry knowledge of Digital Manufacturing Technologies and new business models within the Additive space. The entertainment sectors are rapidly evolving and will require the expertise provided by nuFaktory to help them de- fine their solutions while developing new business models as well.” Barkat added, “I believe that by working with the team at nuFaktory, a common vision is shared through the use of new technologies and innovation. Together, we can make that happen.”

So, what will nuFaktory do with 3D printing in Hollywood? Well, they’re role may not be made clear for some time, as Managing Principal Rudy Vogel tells me, “Our challenge in discussing project work is that virtually everything we do is through MNDA which pretty much handcuffs us from talking about client & project details.” Based on the background of the principals in the company, however, it may be easy to trust that they are, in fact, at work on some pretty exciting stuff.  The most recent of these principals is Jerry Jasinowski, the former President & CEO of the USA’s largest trade association, the National Association of Manufacturers (NAM), but nuFaktory also features the Deputy Director of Technology Transfer at AmericaMakes, as well as experts in the fields of law and real estate.

This expertise has allowed the firm to work on undisclosed projects relating to everything from sports museums to mobile commerce developers and jewelry manufacturers.  Vogel continues, “However, I can say that we are working with a number of developers of IP – what I call ‘dormant IP’ – that is owned by companies, museums, et al – and through the use of 3D, Additive and Digital technologies we help to convert that IP into a monetized asset(s). We also work with some of the top Computational Designers in the world utilizing their expertise on a number of 3D design projects to create new products or segments, helping them build their business(es) through traditional means but more interestingly, through virtual means such as mobile commerce, etc. We are working with one of the largest jewelry manufacturers in the Middle East and India in this regard.”

The co-founder adds, “One of our Principals is engaged in a break-through prosthetics project utilizing cutting-edge scanning technology and 3D printing to accomplish this mission for a country in need. We are also working with a foreign government foundation to design and create a cutting-edge symposium/conference for opinion makers and thought provokers based on 3D technologies, innovation and commerce.”

The addition of Mr. Barkat to their list of partners ensures that this very wide web of work that nuFaktory has cast will spread even farther into the world of film and entertainment, where we’ve seen 3D printing yield such awesome special FX and costumes as those seen in Pacific Rim, RoboCop, Guardians of the Galaxy, and more.  In other words, the next blockbuster you see may have had a little help from nuFaktory, though you may not ever know it.