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Real Pacific Rim 9.5-Foot 3DP Robot

This year’s annual Comic-Con has produced some interesting 3D printing related stories, including the customized Predator model we looked at in our previous article. Wired, the technology magazine, put on a phenomenal display too: a huge, 9.5-foot-tall, fully animated robot, produced by the Stan Winston School and Legacy Effects.

Pacific Rim Movie Chinese Jaeger Crimson TyphoonThe Stratasys blog highlights the 3D printing connection here, as the monolithic mechanoid’s face was produced upon an Objet (who now rock in the realm of Stratasys you’ll recall) Connex500 multi-material 3D Printer, using Digital ABS material.

The team had just 24 days to design, build and test the human-controlled mechanized suit. Yes, it’s an exo-skeleton, and, dare I say from watching the video (link follows), something that Ripley would have probably been quite happy wearing while taking on an Alien queen!

Legacy Effects lead engineer Jason Lopes said of the 3D printed facet:

“High detail and a strong part, going right from print to paint to being rigged mechanically. I couldn’t have done it any other way… plus it looks gorgeous!”

The video shows that this ‘robot’ really does pack a punch of visual impact and pure presence, enough to get any red-blooded technology fan’s pulse racing. If only my uncle hadn’t ran off with my transformer toys for my cousins without asking when I entered my teens… Sigh.

Once again, 3D printing contributes to our amazing new millennial world of technology.

I’ll leave you with the sublime filmography of Legacy Effects, thanks to the wonder that is Wikipedia:

Wikipedia Legacy Effects

Source: Stratasys Blog