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HP Turning Sprout into Carnival of 3D Technology

Recently, Hewlett Packard announced that the Sprout “immersive computer”, the first of its kind in the world, will also be equipped with scanning capabilities. With the new 3D Capture Stage, HP is hoping that Sprout’s integrated desktop 3D scanner will make it easy and quick for users to produce 3D content.

HP’s Sprout will use Intel Real Sense 3D cameras, unique 3D capture software, and HP’s proprietary 3D Capture Stage.  The HP 3D Capture Stage is a turntable that becomes a platform for the objects being scanned. It is built to ensure all aspects of the object are captured and automatically tilts 15 degrees. 3D Capture allows users to create a full 3D digital model capable of being manipulated and modified. This software will be introduced as a free upgrade to HP’s current 3D Snapshot software that is only capable of capturing one side of an object. Sprout’s next automated upgrade will include a free version of the 3D scanning app that takes full advantage of the new Sprout hardware. This is an exciting leap in a direction where the 2D walls come crumbling down and the 3D world all around us opens up.


Sprout is designed to make it easy for users to print and share their scans. An online 3D viewer allows the user and others to view, rotate, resize and manipulate the object. Users can also view the object online from multiple perspectives. Sharing scans or designs via email and social media couldn’t be easier, and if you want to 3D print an object you’ve scanned, HP is currently working with Dremel to provide scan to print solutions with their Dremel 3D Idea Builder printer. This is a pretty straightforward, easy-to-use 3D printer, but HP is also aligning themselves with several delivery by mail 3D print providers.

Sprout is a first for HP and a first for immersive computing targeted towards builders and makers. HP wants to have a blended reality ecosystem that redefines and reinvents the boundaries between user and technology, technology and the physical world. Eric Monsef with HP’s Highly Immersive Systems says, “Sprout, HP’s on ramp to its Blended Reality strategy, is the first step on our mission to deliver truly immersive experiences. The innovative 3D Capture solution uniquely allows users to easily capture an object in 3D that can then be further modified, shared, and printed.”

Sprout can be purchased in the US, and the 3D Capture Stage will be available in July for $299 and select retailers. The scanning upgrade from 3D Snapshot will be part of the automated system software update in July.