3D Printing

New Pellet Packs Ride the 3D Printer Extruder Wave

Although the term has been somewhat abused, the possibility of extruding one’s own filament is a paradigm shift for the desktop 3D printing segment. A step that sets 3D printing further apart from desktop 2D printing’s evolution. Imagine being able to make your own 2D ink cartridge by mixing ink powders. In that case ColorFabb would be the company selling you the powder.

color fabb blue pellet 3d printingWith 3D printing you will increasingly be able to produce your own consumables. A few start-ups have presented interesting consumer targeted 3D desktop extruders, namely the recent “Strooder” and “EWE”, along with David, the 3D Pellet Printer by Sculptify. This may present a challenge for the many online filament re-sellers.

Not for ColorFabb. To better ride the desktop filament extruder wave, the 3D printer filament brand created by Helian Polymers is launching four different Pellet Pack options, each containing four pellet jars weighing 300 grams each. This will give its customers the option of purchasing coloured, natural or white (with color masterbatch) PLA/PHA pellets (PLA mixed with polyhydroxyalkanoate, to make it less brittle), along with woodFill and XT (a viscous virgin Co-Polyester).

color fabb 3d printing pellet

For prices considerably lower than pre-extruded filament, ranging from  €12.50 to €25.00 per Pack, ColorFabb assures high uniformity in a very nice personal cardboard packaging. That is the real difference: while large plastic pellet manufacturers cater to large volume buyers, ColorFabb can address the personal fabrication market as it blooms.

Founded by Ruud Roleaux in 2011 and located in the South of the Netherlands, Helian Polymers is formed by a team of plastic experts with experience in the masterbatch and polymer industries. Its streamlined structure allows it to quickly adapt to constantly evolving market needs. At the rate the 3D printing industry challenges its own paradigms, that is a good thing.