3D Printing

New Graphene 3D Labs — To Develop Graphene Based Materials for 3D Printing

If 3D printing is the wonder technology of the early 21st century then graphene is the wonder material of this era. From solar power to air travel, contraception to DNA sequencing, graphene is increasingly projected to impact a range of sectors, and most people’s lives, in the coming decades. eLOMIKO METALS INC. has announced the formation of Graphene 3D Labs Inc. to focus on the development of high-performance graphene-enhanced materials for 3D Printing.

Like graphite, graphene is entirely composed of carbon atoms and 1mm of graphite contains some 3 million layers of graphene. Whereas graphite is a three-dimensional crystalline arrangement, graphene is a two-dimensional crystal only an atom thick. The carbons are perfectly distributed in a hexagonal honeycomb formation only 0.3 nanometres thick, with just 0.1 nanometres between each atom.

A concise overview of generic applications can be found here. An excellent detailed study into the potentials and prospects for graphene can be read in A Road map For Graphene via Nature journal.

High quality graphite is a base material for producing graphene. Lomiko will provide graphite to Graphene 3D Labs as as exclusive supplier and invest USD$50,000 in the start-up for 250,000 preferred shares, which are entitled to dividends. Lomiko will require a minimum of $300,000 financing by May 1, 2014 to participate in the venture and further financings to participate in a series of graphene-related ventures in addition to work on a graphite resource at the Quatre Milles Project.

Dr. Daniel Stolyarov of Graphene Laboratories Inc. (“Graphene Labs”) has been appointed CEO and Dr. Michael Gouzman, a leading expert in 3D Printing, was appointed VP of Engineering and Technology. On February 12, 2013 the Company entered into a Strategic Alliance Agreement (“SAA”) with Graphene Labs. The creation of Graphene 3D Labs, a spin-out of Graphene Labs, is a result of R&D efforts throughout the duration of the SAA.

Dr. Elena Polyakova, CEO of Graphene Labs, summed up the outlook for the project when she was a speaker at the recent Graphene Live! Event, stating: “We anticipate graphene-enabled materials to revolutionise 3D printing. We anticipate strong demand in aerospace, automotive, semi-conductor and advanced manufacturing industries.”

Graphene Laboratories Inc. Background

Graphene Laboratories, Inc., located in Calverton, NY, specializes in the manufacture and sale of research materials to R&D markets, with the world’s largest selection of advanced and 2D materials. Having been first in the market to introduce graphene materials for research use, the company is working towards industrial-scale production of graphene and graphene-like materials, currently with pilot-scale production capabilities. The team at Graphene Laboratories consists of people recognized as experts in graphene materials, with staff regularly presenting at international conferences and exhibitions. Researchers at Graphene Labs also specialize in custom projects and R&D.

Lomiko Metals Inc. Background

Lomiko Metals Inc. is a Canada-based, exploration-stage company. The Company is engaged in the acquisition, exploration and development of resource properties that contain minerals for the new green economy. Its mineral properties include the Quatre Milles Graphite Property and the Vines Lake property which both have had recent major discoveries.