3D Printing

New Documentary Celebrates The Maker Movement

The excitement and momentum of the 3D printing revolution is the subject of the upcoming documentary “Maker,” which recently reached its funding goals on Kickstarter.  Produced by the same creative team behind the popular film “Design and Think,” “Maker” promises to be a timely portrait of the innovators and technologies that are redefining the possibilities of 3D printing.

Director Mu-Ming Tsai interviewed everyone from authors to sculptors to CEO’s in his attempt to survey the ethos that courses through the 3D printing community. Populated by a rich spectrum of independent thinkers and passionate designers, the maker community is bursting with the kind of compelling and charismatic interview subjects that most filmmakers would kill for. And, as evidenced by the trailer, Tsai’s affectionate cinematography and bouncy editing are a perfect fit for the do-it-yourself attitude of the maker community.

The film’s Kickstarter campaign garnered 746 backers and $32,373 – a good sign that audiences are hungry for the kind of informative and optimistic filmmaking that Tsai and his team pioneered with “Design And Think.”  Gifts offered to investors included t-shirts, DVDs and even a personal 30-minute Skype call with the filmmakers.

Once the film is completed, it could very well be a watershed moment for 3D printing, attracting new minds and perspectives to this rapidly evolving field.