3D Printing

MONAD's 3D Printed Electric Violin: Terrifyingly Cool

It looks like a violin the late HR Giger would play as he watched the world burn. But, it is actually the latest offering from Miami-based MONAD Studio. What is it? It is a violin of sorts, though it is 3D printed and only has two strings. It’s called the Piezoelectric Violin, and was designed by the sonic architects at MONAD Studio in an attempt to explore the challenges shared by architects/designers and musician alike. A musician attempts to give structure to the ephemeral, just as the cutting edge architects at MONAD Studio attempt to build form from abstraction.


But, how does one measure the success of MONAD Studio’s new creation? Neither of the designers at MONAD are working musicians, so it is difficult to say if the function of the Piezoelectric lives up to its form. So, MONAD Studio’s invites you to be the judge at the Inside 3D Printing Conference  the Javits Center in New York on April 16 and 17th (10% of with the code “3DPI”), where performers will be playing the Piezoelectric throughout the conference. MONAD Studio will also be showcasing other instruments, like a small and a large didgeridoo, a cello, and a monobarasitar. So, expand your imagination and fine tune your ear for a 3D printed symphony next week in New York.