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Do You Know a US Military Veteran in need of a Prosthetic?

If you know a veteran of any branch of the United States military who lost a limb in service of their country then Orange County, California’s 3D Accuracy and it’s owner Robert Schaefer wants to help. He’s offering to provide all materials, production equipment and manufacturing time for a 3D printed prosthetic device for free. That includes any clean up, assembly, necessary parts and all shipping costs.

3D Accuracy’s Robert Schaefer shows off a fresh print

leg_3dprintedSchaefer wrote on his blog. “Since 3D Accuracy doesn’t know a US veteran in need it can’t be done without your help. I need readers to send the names of US veterans in need of a 3D Printed prosthetic device. All names will be placed in a random draw and one US Veteran whose name is selected in the drawing will be provided with a free 3D Printed prosthetic device made of real ABS thermoplastic.”

Obviously an offer like this is going to be in high demand so 3D Accuracy is only able to accept the first 300 names submitted. Schaefer must receive any potential candidates’ contact information by 11:59 p.m. PST on 12/25/2014, and he will notify the US vet selected to receive the prosthesis by 12/31/2014. There is only one submission per US vet allowed, so please do not have multiple people submit the same name, it will not help, only slow down the selection process.


The selected vet will need to provide all 3D CAD data for the prosthetic device, however 3D Accuracy is willing to consult with their US Veterans doctor to help ensure the device will fit properly. This is open to any type of prosthetic device in need and not limited to hands, legs or arms. The vet can have their prosthetic 3D printed in a variety of color options, and can even have it painted and finished in a color that matches their skin tone.

You can find out more information directly from Shaefer and the 3D Accuracy blog here, and you can review the material and color options available for the prosthetic device here. You can also find 3D Accuracy on Facebook and Twitter.