3D Printing

Maison 203 Reinvents 3D Printed Clutch at 2016 Milan Fashion Week

Last year, the Treviso, Italy-based fashion design house Maison 203 awed the fashion world with the Armure, a 3D printed clutch designed with a unique mixture of organic and geometric characteristics, taking after the spherical nature of the cypress fruit. Since then, Maison 203 has kicked off 2016 with their new Kalikon jewelry collection, featuring six different 3D printed pieces at the Maison et Objet fair this past January. Now, Maison 203 is refocusing back on the clutch bag, and have created the tropical-inspired Ivy, their newest 3D printed clutch designed by Odo Fioravanti.

Once again, Maison 203 has used 3D printing and design to explore the dialogue between nature and artifice, creating a flowery and hypnotic clutch bag. The Ivy clutch is first printed in laser sintered nylon, and is then redefined and hand-colored in powder blue, soft white, brick red, and jungle green. Fioravanti’s design features overlapping surfaces that create unique geometry in and of itself, and ultimately explores how intersecting disc-shaped surfaces on an ‘icosahedric’ structure can create new-founded shapes that appear as leaves and leafy branches. Differing from the first 3D printed clutch bag from Maison 203, which also happened to be designed by Fiorvanti, the Ivy takes on a more engaging design, with more intersections and geometric innovations then before.


The 3D printed Ivy clutch will be officially unveiled during the 2016 Milan Fashion Week, which is taking place from April 12-17. You can find the Ivy on display at the Design Supermarket inside la Rinascente in Piazza Duomo Milan during the fashion event. Maison 203 and designer Odo Fioravanti have, once again, shown how 3D printing technology can be used to evoke geometry and nature in fashion, while also exploring how the two can be intertwined with one another. The tropical-themed clutch measures 21x16x6 cm, and will be featured on the Maison 203 e-shop in the near-future.