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The UK’s IT IS 3D Is Using 3D Printing to Give Children the Gift of a Better Future

At Christmases past, if you just so much as tried to tell your kids that, instead of their favorite toys from Santa, they would be getting the gift of a better future, they probably would not have jumped with joy (to use a euphemism). One of the miracles of 3D printing is that now they just might.

That, at least, is the concept behind IT IS 3D’s event, set to take place at the Old Street Roundabout in London on December 11th. The UK 3D printer and 3D accessories distributor, which has always focused primarily on the educational aspect of personal 3D printing technologies, is holding an educational presentation on 3D printing aimed primarily at children, who can get into the event for free if they bring an adult along.

The company’s two founders, Martin Stevens and Trupti Patel, will both help children and parents get acquainted with the possibilities opened up by 3D printing. The program includes an overview of the industry and a 3D Printing demonstration led by Patel, who is also an accomplished 3D printing designer and operator.


She will show the Flashforge Dreamer and the Weistek WT280A 3D printers at work, which are both reliable and highly affordable systems, ideal for education, for the home and for small businesses.

IT IS 3D’s objective is to use 3D printing to help children prepare for the future, by developing skills that they can use in fields such as materials science, engineering, medicine, design, movie making, computer science, logistics, economics, space travel and more.

Astro Charlie ESAThat may be the most important gift but, just in case, It Is 3D will also be giving out many “more immediately gratifying” prizes, including a 3D printed replica of Astro Charlie, the European Space Agency’s mascot and lots of 3D printed decorations. The best way to learn about something, particularly something physical such as 3D printing, is to get hands on with it and just do it.  The Old Street roundabout this December 11th is a great place to start “manufacturing the future” this Christmas.