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FELIXprinters shifts focus to professional 3D printing market

FELIXprinters, the Netherlands-based developer and reseller of 3D printing technologies, has announced a repositioning of its portfolio of products and services to meet the changing demands of the 3D printing industry and its professional clientele.

Guillaume Feliksdal, Founder and Director of FELIXprinters, comments, “This is a deliberate strategy founded on the belief that our customers, whatever their size or shape, get the best from their use of our 3D printing technologies when we work with them directly and become a strategic partner and advisor for them.”

Equipping the industry

Established in 2011, FELIXprinters has offered its affordable and streamlined 3D printing technologies to companies wanting to optimize its production processes. 

Its 3D printer series includes the FELIX TEC line, which recently launched a new FFF 3D printer and FELIX Pro models which were developed with industry users in mind.

The FELIX Tec 4 printer. Photo via FELIXprinters. Photo via FELIXprinters
The FELIX Tec 4 printer. Photo via FELIXprinters. Photo via FELIXprinters

The FELIX TEC 4 series, which includes assembled and DIY versions of which of 3D printers, features a semi-automatic calibration process, a flexible build plate, and compatibility with a number of filaments to give its users maximum design freedom.

This range is best suited to educational applications and has been used in schools and universities by students and engineers as a learning tool to demonstrate the functionality and capabilities of 3D printers.

In addition, FELIXprinters offers support services for its customers through trained on-demand engineers and technicians.

Feliksdal concludes, “We work closely with all our industrial customers to ensure that the use of the technology is optimized for each individual application.”

Additive manufacturing strategies

Also looking to expand its operations in additive manufacturing is Visiativ, a French software developer of the moovapps collaborative platform and a major vendor of 3D software Solidworks.

Visiativ is currently raising €15 million as part of its Next100 strategy through a preferential rights issue of shares to strengthen its equity and give it the additional resources needed to advance its 3D software.

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Featured image shows inside the offices of FELIXprinters. Photo via FELIXprinters.