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3D software company Visiativ raising €15 million for growth strategy

French software developer and reseller Visiativ is raising €15 million as part of its Next100 strategy through a preferential rights issue of shares.

As a major vendor of 3D software Solidworks and developer of the moovapps collaborative platform, Visiativ is aiming to double its size and achieve revenues of €200 ($237) million by 2020, while also improving its profitability.

3D Printing Industry asked Visiativ about their plans. The capital from this issue of shares will “strengthen its equity and give it the additional resources needed to complete its strategic roadmap,” explained Jérémie Donzel, acting marketing director.

Visiativ as a developer and service provider

As a the developer of collaborative web platforms, Visiativ offers software that promises to bring companies “into the era of digital transformation.”

Visiativ’s own moovapps software, a smart enterprise resource management system for SMEs, can be combined with Dassault Systèmes’ 3DEXPERIENCE platform to manage 3D designs, generate technical documents and automate processes.

Visiativ also sells, installs and integrates 3DEXPERIENCE software for the automotive, aerospace, industrial equipment, high-tech and consumer goods industries.

Visiativ's rapid manufacturing factory, involving multiple advanced manufacturing systems incorporating ERM. Image via Visiativ.
Visiativ’s rapid manufacturing factory, involving multiple advanced manufacturing systems managed via ERM. Image via Visiativ.

Gearing up for Next100

According to the company’s acting marketing director, Jérémie Donzel, Visiativ hopes to raise €15.1 ($17.9) million in capital. If the extension clause for the rights issue is exercised, then there is a possibility of generating up to €17.3 (20.5) million.

In November, Visiativ’s two founding directors, Laurent Fiard and Christian Donzel created Alliativ. This holding company’s purpose is to enable Visiativ’s managers and close investors to support the Next100 strategy.

Subscription terms

The subscription period for Visiativ’s rights issue was from 23 November until 4 December. The company’s shares are listed on the Euronext exchange and were available at a unit price of €30 ($35.51), 25% less than the 14 November 2017 closing price of €40 ($47.35).

If the extension clause is exercised, then the subscription period will carry on until 7 December. All shares will be issued by the 11 December, followed by the listing of new shares for trading on Euronext Growth in Paris.

Holders of Visiativ’s existing “ordinary” and “ADP2012” shares who had registered a share account by 20 November 2017 were assigned preferential subscription rights. The trading of these subscription rights ended on 30 November.

3DEXPERIENCE's aerospace application. Image via Dassault Systèmes.
3DEXPERIENCE’s aerospace application. Image via Dassault Systèmes.

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Featured image shows Visiativ co-founders Laurent Fiard and Christian Donzel. Photo via Visiativ.