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adphos Contacted to Improve Driers

At DRUPA 2016 many of the machines that have been introduced are high productivity, digital, conventional printing and coating machines. Almost all showed capacity, performance or quality limits due to their installed dryer solutions, as they were not using adphosNIR®-drying technology.

adphos has been contacted to upgrade, enhance or even retrofit these existing driers. These improvements include:

  • Speed in sheet and continuous web processing,
  • A wider range of substrates, especially commercial offset or coated glossy stocks,
  • Waterbased-UV-Hybrid inks,
  • Fast wide format, single and multiple pass printing,
  • Imaging on temperature sensitive (mainly plastic films), especially for packaging applications and
  • Compacting further colour dryers for better colour quality

The adphosNIR® drying technology, which consists of the special NIR-emitting, high density and focused energy source in combination with the high velocity warm impingement air ventilation, has proven its outstanding market superiority in drying performance in several dozen displayed (often running live) demonstrations at DRUPA 2016. adphos offers a wide range of standardized dryer modules easy to integrate in most existing printing and coating devices.

About adphos:

adphos Group is a family of privately owned companies focused on the development of adphosNIR®technology which dramatically reduces the time and space required for thermal processes and provides quantum leaps forward in efficiencies for our global customers.

adphos designs, manufactures, markets, services and supports a wide range of standard and custom solutions for our global customers for a wide variety of applications and markets. The adphos Group provides a world wide network of offices and subsidiaries located in Europe, USA, Japan and most major industrialized countries.