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Elvis Lives… In Staramba’s 3D Printed Merchandise Partnership with ABG

Few stars can enjoy the level of recognizability and post-(presumed)-mortem celebrity status as the King of Rock n’ Roll. The “essence” of Elvis Presley’s almost mythological existence will now live again, through a new merchandising initiative. Authentic Brands Group (ABG) and Staramba, a young company which focuses on photogrammetric 3D scanning and 3D printed merchandising, have signed a partnership to bring the Duke back into physical reality as a 3D printed “clone”.

Elvis Presley to be 3D printed by Staramba“This alliance with ABG is a milestone for Staramba as it will help to further broaden our scope of digital and 3D merchandise. Our fans will have access to an even bigger assortment of illustrious global super stars,” said Julian von Hassell, managing director of Social Commerce Group SE.

The deal, secured by Staramba’s marketing director Sandra Canning, will get underway this year, with plans to expand in 2016 to additional iconic brands within the ABG portfolio. These include the likes of Muhammed Alì, Marilyn Monroe, and an extensive range of fashion, sports and lifestyle, celebrity, media, and entertainment brands.

Staramba is not limiting its activities to merchandising, but is also looking for “Certified Partners” (that is, studios offering 3D selfie/3D portrait services). “They would be able to sell the ‘Me & My Star’ Elvis figurines and the many other celebs and athletes soon to be announced,” Sandra explained. “We expect this [business segment] will help to increase sales and exposure for our partners.”

Those interested can find all the necessary information on this official document from Staramba. The company also offers a specific, proprietary photogrammetry rig to upgrade the shop’s 3D scanning capability. You never know, the real Elvis might just walk in anytime.

Photos Courtesy of The Estate of Elvis Presley