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Digicopy Takes The Plunge Into the 3D Printing Multiverse by Way of the Mcor Wormhole

As you may or may not know, Mcor Technologies Ltd is a manufacturer of the only line of paper-based 3D printers. Recently, the company announced that the well-known Italian reprographics firm Digicopy has decided to expand its business with Mcor’s SDL (Selective Deposition Lamination) 3D printing technology, by offering new products and services to increase its customer base.

mcor 3d printing mummy hand

Perpetual innovation is critical in any business in order to gain and maintain a competitive advantage. Logically, the better and more unique your products and services are, the more new sources of revenue you will generate.  After 20 years of offering 2D printing and binding products and services, Digicopy, decided to plunge into the fast-growth 3D printing industry.

mcor 3d printing details“We strongly believe in innovation,” said Eugenio Costa, Marketing and Development at Digicopy. “We believe 3D printing will enable us to offer entirely new products and services to an expanded customer base and establish ourselves as a market leader.”

Digicopy turned to Mcor Technologies, maker of the world’s only paper-based 3D printers. “We selected Mcor 3D printers because of their professional quality, superior full-colour capabilities and eco- and office-friendliness compared to other 3D printers,” said Costa.

digicopy 3d printingBecoming an Mcor Technologies Certified Reseller doesn’t just mean that Digicopy sells Mcor 3D printers, it also offers full-service 3D printing and scanning services.  Now, the company is even able to have their customers 3D print objects themselves right in the store.  I’m not sure how great of an idea this is, because of the current speed of printing.  I know that the first time I saw a 3D printer work, I was in awe…for about 20 minutes.  Some people become totally transfixed and nearly hypnotized by the process, so it doesn’t mean people, especially students, won’t be interested.

Mcor 3D Printer

“We mainly 3D print models developed by university students for their thesis work – 1,000 students 3D printing a variety of models last month alone – as well as prototypes for designers and stylists, including some famous fashion firms,” said Costa.

Digicopy itself is expanding. It is now an established group under the name Ethesis srl, running four shops located near each of three Universities in Milan, Cattolica, Bicocca, Statale, and a production centre, close to Bicocca University, in Viale Sarca 173.

mcor 3d printing

According to Costa, “All of our customers really appreciate the affordable price and full, realistic colour of Mcor’s cutting-edge 3D printing technology. It’s really helped our business.”

Mcor, if you didn’t know, operates internationally from offices in Ireland, the UK, America and APAC.