Digical Show 2016 Videos Now Online

The Digical show was held in London recently, and there was a lot to see. Whether you made it to the event or not, My Mini Factory has uploaded some videos and we’ve collected a few below. This will give you a small sample of the atmosphere and several of the exhibitors.

Digical Show. Image via 3D Printing Industry
Digical Show. Image via My Mini Factory

Katjes Magic Candy Factory


This awesome company led by Melissa Snover is bringing 3D printed food into the mainstream, as the first consumer retail food printer to ever be launched in the market. The Magic Candy Factory creates customized 3D printed gummy candy in stores in the USA and Europe, and will soon be expanding to the UK, Middle East, Ireland and Canada.


WASP (World’s Advanced Saving Project) was created in 2012, and among their innovations are larger scale 3D printers. They developed the biggest Delta printer in the world, which is capable of printing houses in places like Nigeria with a focus on sustainability. The printer can use clay, straw and other materials like concrete, but by focusing on materials from the ground it is a more flexible machine in terms of cost and geography. Even though the concept of a 3D printed village is still in development, the company estimates it will only be a few years before we begin seeing this.


This Korean company have created a bioprinter that is affordable enough for every lab and university to have their own. Currently capable of printing artificial skin and tissue, this machine will revolutionize the medical industry by making this technology accessible to a much wider range of researchers.

Shining 3D

Shining 3D aims to be a one stop shop for scanning and 3D printing, and showed off their EinScan scanners at the Digical Show. The Chinese company are looking to expand, and have their sights set on the USA.

My Mini Factory

Kirby Downey, part of My Mini Factory’s community of designers, was on hand at Digical Show to tell us what he’s been up to with the company. He enjoys experimenting and showing off exactly what can be done with 3D printing (including the BFG from Doom project, which was apparently quite challenging).

Highlight Video

A short summary of the highlights from the show is also available to watch here.

Videos courtesy My Mini Factory.

We’ll be bringing you more news about the show where over 2000 people registered to see more than 30 exhibitors soon.

Feature image via MyMiniFactory

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