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iMakr launch medical division with Rokit’s Invivo

New breakthroughs are happening constantly within the medical industry within 3D printing. The technology is revolutionizing the sector, with innovations such as bioprinting a thyroid gland and implanting in in mice paving the way for further advancements like organ printing. The promise of future innovation is only being held up by price, and it is with this in mind that Rokit’s Invivo was brought into being. The Invivo will bring the promise of tomorrow into reality.

Invivo Rokit is the worlds first hybrid and modular bio 3D printer. Image: Rokit

Rokit Invivo

The Invivo by Rokit is a biomedical 3D printer, and the technologies it utilizes can only be described as revolutionary. It is the most innovative and up to date desktop bio 3D printer, and is capable of printing versatile 3D cellular structures with multi material and extensive designs. A bio 3D printer is an optimized tool that most research facilities and universities dream of owning, and until now would be spending upwards of half a million dollars to attain one. With the price for a standard printer set at £30,000 ($39,000USD), the Invivo is an incredibly affordable biomedical research tool. Industry innovator iMakr have been exclusively appointed to manage and sell the printer on the US and European markets using their global market reach.

iMakr Med. Image: iMakr
iMakr Med. Image: iMakr

iMakr Medical

In order to facilitate the sales and marketing of Invivo and other products like it, value added retailer iMakr have launched iMakr Medical, a platform dedicated to servicing the medical and dental field.

This has been something of a passion project for iMakr CEO Eric Savant, who is very excited about the launch of iMakr Medical.

“You see things like printed organs and tissue in science fiction, but it isn’t science fiction anymore. It’s here. It isn’t here tomorrow, it’s here today. We had our guys in the lab printing tissue from bio-ink in the Invivo just this week. A lot of people read about these kinds of things and think they are far off in the future, but the only things stopping this incredible technology from being used everywhere are things like government regulations and FDA approval. Once the red tape can be cut through, that’s when tomorrow becomes today.”

iMakr Med is now open.