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The World First Hybrid Bio 3D Printer to be revealed at Digical Show

South Korean-based company Rokit is a 3D printing manufacturer we’ve talked about on several occasions before. In February this year, they released Edison Invivo, a tissue engineering and bio-medical research 3D printer that uses a bio ink to produce cell structures in the form of organic tissue.

Now, as a constant innovator, Rokit is back with their latest and also the world first Multi-Use Hybrid Bio 3D printer —— Rokit Invivo. What’s exciting is that this awesome bioprinter will be revealed very soon on 30th, September in the Digical Show held by London-based iMakr.

image: Rokit
Image: Rokit

The Rokit Invivo is designed to be a highly versatile bioprinter, with three types of nozzles, respectively an extruder, a mechanical dispenser and a hot melt pneumatic dispenser that operators can choose any two to use simultaneously.

Upgraded on the Edison Invivo, the Rokit Invivo continues to be capable of printing a wide array of materials like PLGA, PCL, PLLA, hydrogel with cell mixtures, collagen, alginate, fibroin, and more. What’s different or new, however, is that Rokit Invivo could really be the first hybrid Bio 3D printer that integrate various advantages at one time. Apart from the above mentioned, other merits include a sterile environment achieved through a H14 grade HEPA filter and 253nm UV lamps, additional temperature control ranging from -4℃ to 80℃, a pre-heatable bio ink warmer, Android OS touchscreen, etc.

Whether you are a medical manufacturer, a doctor, a researcher, a student, or anyone who are interested in the 3D printing industry, you are super welcomed to the Digical Show held from 30th, September to 1st October in central London.

Expect to see many awesome 3D printers there!

image: iMaker
Image: iMaker

Featured image: Rokit