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Optomec Launches Line of Low-Cost, High-Value 3D Printed Metal Machine Tools

Loads of new innovations are being announced at the International Manufacturing Technology Show (IMTS 2016) in Chicago by a number of industry heavy hitters this week. Among those yesterday (September 12) was Optomec, leading global supplier of production-grade additive manufacturing systems for 3D printed metals. They announced the launch of a new tool series that allows for low-cost, high-value metal additive manufacturing.

The Optomec LENS Machine Tool Series integrates Optomec’s industry-proven, metal 3D printing technology into standard CNC machine tool platforms providing lower-cost, higher-value metal additive manufacturing and hybrid solutions. Image: Business WIre
The LENS Machine Tool Series. Image: Business Wire

The new LENS Machine Tool Series integrates Optomec’s robust LENS metal additive manufacturing technology into conventional CNC Vertical Milling platforms, resulting in breakthrough price points as well as the industry’s first Hybrid VMC Controlled-Atmosphere System.

“Optomec’s Machine Tool series leverages LENS industry-proven technology to provide high-performance metal additive and hybrid manufacturing capabilities at an incredible price point, making additive manufacturing a viable solution for the machine tooling industry,” said Mr. David Ramahi, president and CEO of Optomec. “This new product line complements our existing LENS systems and fills specific gaps for low cost additive only and hybrid CNC inert systems. We are working with machine tool vendors to make production-grade metal additive manufacturing more affordable and accessible.”

The new LENS Machine Tool combines high quality CNC platforms from Fryer Machine Systems with industry approved LENS Print Engine technology to bring metal 3D printing capabilities to a wider market. It includes three standard configurations, all designed to reduce manufacturing process times and costs while enabling improved end product performance and rapid design changes.

  • The LENS 3D Metal Additive System provides high-value, open atmosphere processing at the lowest cost. With pricing starting just below, $250,000 this machine is a breakthrough both in pricing and functionality.
  • The LENS 3D Metal Hybrid VMC System, which combines additive and subtractive operations on the same machine at a low cost.
  • The LENS 3D Metal Hybrid VMC Inert System is an industry first, providing an atmosphere-controlled environment to extend hybrid manufacturing capabilities for reactive metals and aluminum.

This is the first machine of its kind for the metal working industry. The system can maintain oxygen and moisture levels at less than 40 ppm by replacing the upper enclosure of the CNC machine with an Optomec proprietary hermetically-sealed chamber and gas purification system.


Pricing for the LENS Machine Tool Series starts at $249,500 for the Additive Open Atmosphere System. The full product line will be unveiled at IMTS 2016, and first customer shipments will commence in Q1 2017. Optomec will be in the North Hall, Booth #N73, so go and check them out if you are there. They also have a number of presentations across the next few days at IMTS in Chicago.

Optomec Presentations at general IMTS sessions:

Optomec Private Presentations:

Other news for Optomec

Optomec signed an agreement with Fryer Machine Systems to integrate Optomec LENS metal additive manufacturing solution into Fryer’s new LaserFab 3D hybrid machining centers.

“For 35 years, Fryer Machine Systems has established itself as a leader in providing affordable, high performance machine tools to the metal working industry,” said Dave Ramahi, president and CEO of Optomec. “Both Fryer and Optomec share a common vision that the key to the industrial adoption is to follow this same principle by providing manufacturers with high quality, affordable metal additive manufacturing tools.”

“Since our inception, we have based our business on the core principles of delivering quality products that are fairly priced and surrounding those products with exceptional service to our customers” said Larry Fryer, Founder and President of Fryer Machine Systems. “We are applying these same principles in partnership with Optomec to introduce hybrid CNC systems at new price thresholds that will accelerate industrial adoption of this technology.”

Image: Fryer Machine Systems.
Image: Fryer Machine Systems.

About Fryer Machine Systems

Fryer Machine Systems, Inc., founded in 1982, produces Made in USA machine tools for all facets of industry. Fryer is well‐respected for producing high quality machine tools. In addition to its standard line of machinery for all types of metal cutting, Fryer produces customized machines for a number of major companies in the aerospace and automotive markets.

Featured image: Optomec