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Creality reports great success with HALOT-ONE 3D printer launch

Chinese 3D printer manufacturer Creality has reported a widely successful launch for its resin-based HALOT-ONE 3D printer, citing a focus on product quality and cost-effectiveness as primary drivers for the system.

The HALOT-ONE was launched shortly before the company’s HALOT-SKY system earlier this year and is aimed at hobbyists, designers, and anyone else seeking low-cost, high-precision resin printing capabilities. Equipped with a new generation optical system developed in-house by Creality, the machine offers a uniform light intensity of over 80%, ensuring that printed models are consistently accurate in all three dimensions.

Creality’s HALOT-ONE also features a build volume measuring 127 x 80 x 160mm, and a high-performance 5.96” 2K monochrome LCD screen for rapid cure times of up to 1s per layer.

Creality's HALOT-ONE SLA 3D printer.
Creality’s HALOT-ONE SLA 3D printer. Photo via Creality.

Towards resin 3D printing with Creality

Founded back in 2014, Creality has quickly risen to be one of the biggest names in the desktop 3D printing market. With systems like the CR-6 SE, the Ender-7, and the CR-30, the company boasts a major presence in the consumer-grade FDM 3D printing sector, with a customer base spanning all four corners of the globe.

The firm also offers a comprehensive portfolio of LCD 3D printers to address the high-precision production needs of its customers, including the LD-006, the LD-002H, and the LD-002R. Since the turn of 2021, Creality has opted to bolster this photopolymerization portfolio with the launch of the HALOT range, stating that it intends to be at the forefront of LCD 3D printing.

The HALOT-ONE has reportedly been a key proponent of this vision, as it’s been “favored and welcomed by customers all over the world”.

The HALOT-ONE 3D printer

Creality has kitted the HALOT-ONE out with an all-new proprietary motherboard featuring an ARMCortex M4 processor and 4-core GPU. The machine is designed to offer computing and graphics processing capabilities significantly greater than run-of-the-mill LCD systems, with Wi-Fi connectivity and a 5” color touchscreen to boot.

The 3D printer also comes complete with a T-shaped guide screw for micron-level Z-axis precision. The result is what the company describes as ‘silky smooth’ movement, ensuring stability for high part surface quality and invisible layer lines.

Additionally, the 2K monochrome LCD is specially designed to expedite print times, while the dual heat dissipation system rapidly and intelligently keeps the HALOT-ONE cool for improved service life. The printer even houses a set of activated carbon filters to absorb resin fumes for a safer and more comfortable printing environment.

On the software side of things, Creality has also developed an in-house accessibility-focused slicer called ‘BOX’. The software is characterized by its simple but comprehensive UI, making print parameter selection a breeze, even for absolute beginners. To add to this, the HALOT-ONE offers constant Over-The-Air online upgrades to introduce various new features on a rolling basis.

Further details of the HALOT-ONE 3D printer can be found on the product page here.

An infographic showing the processing power of Creality's HALOT-ONE 3D printer.
Creality’s HALOT-ONE features an ARMCortex M4 processor and 4-core GPU. Image via Creality.

Technical specifications and pricing

Below are the technical specifications for the HALOT-ONE 3D printer. The machine is priced at $259 and is available to order now via the Creality store page. Alternatively, customers in Europe can purchase the 3D printer on Alza, while Australian customers can purchase the system on Flora Livings. To find out more about Creality’s HALOT range, visit the Facebook page here.

Build Volume127 x 80 x 160mm
Lamp QuantitySix
CPU/GPU64-bit, 4-core
Printing Screen5.96 inch, 2K
LCD Resolution2560 x 1620
Machine Dimension221 x 221 x 404mm, 7.1kg
Print Speed1 – 10s per layer
Layer Thickness0.01 – 0.02mm
UpgradeOTA Online

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Featured image shows Creality’s HALOT-ONE SLA 3D printer. Photo via Creality.