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Creality launches new resin-based HALOT-SKY 3D printer – technical specifications and pricing

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Following its seventh anniversary, 3D printer manufacturer Creality has launched its new resin-based HALOT-SKY 3D printer.

Touted as the company’s new flagship LCD system, the HALOT-SKY is the latest addition to Creality’s new HALOT series, and strives to pack professional-grade features into a consumer-grade package. Aimed at hobbyists, prosumers, and SMEs alike, the system comes complete with a build volume measuring 192 x 120 x 200mm, and a 4K resolution LCD screen for high-quality 3D printing.

Creality also claims the HALOT-SKY is compatible with several types of resin, with applications including dental molds, architectural models, jewelry, and decorative pieces.

The HALOT-SKY 3D printer. Photo via Creality.
The HALOT-SKY 3D printer. Photo via Creality.

Desktop 3D printing with Creality

Founded in 2014 and based in Shenzhen, Creality has proven itself as a formidable player in the desktop 3D printing market. With systems like the CR-6 SE and the CR-30, the company primarily operates in consumer-grade FDM 3D printing and has a global customer base to boot.

Although not as pronounced, the company also offers a range of LCD 3D printers to address the high-precision production needs of its customers. As well as the new HALOT series, Creality has an LD series which includes the LD-006, the LD-002H, and the LD-002R. Each of these systems has its own features and benefits, including monochrome LCD screens, activated carbon air filtering systems, and anti-aliasing functionality.

HALOT-SKY 3D printer

Interestingly, Creality has chosen to pack a whole host of premium features into the HALOT-SKY, and this is reflected in the $949 price tag.

Looking at the frame of the system itself, we have a very handy flip cover surrounding the build area. Flip cover configurations tend to be significantly less messy than conventional lids, meaning users won’t have to worry about cleaning resin off the inside of the machine as often. The company has also reinforced the Z-axis for smoother operation, offering layer thicknesses down to 0.01mm.

The HALOT-SKY is also equipped with a whole new, in-house ‘Super Spotlight’ UV light source. Delivering 120W of power, Creality’s light engine reportedly offers more than 90% light uniformity, which should ensure fine feature details regardless of build plate orientation.

Furthermore, the company has kitted the HALOT-SKY out with a Cortex-A53 CPU developed by British semiconductor firm ARM. The processor is often found in everyday consumer electronics like smartphones and games consoles, so the 3D printer should see a healthy boost in the processing speed department. Users can access the revamped, sleek UI using a 5” full color touchscreen on the front.

Tying it all together, Creality has launched a smartphone app for use with the HALOT-SKY. Working in conjunction with the printer’s built-in Wi-Fi capabilities, the app enables users to start, stop, and monitor the status of their builds in real time. For those that want a simpler experience, USB connectivity is also an option.

Technical specifications and pricing

Below are the technical specifications of the HALOT-SKY 3D printer. The system is available to order now for $949.

Build volume192 x 120 x 200mm
XY resolution0.01 – 0.05mm
Layer thickness0.01 – 0.2mm
Print speed1 – 4 s/layer
LCD resolution3840 x 2400
Dimensions340 x 292 x 552mm

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Featured image shows the HALOT-SKY 3D printer. Photo via Creality.