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Creality announces its first crowdfunded 3D printer – the CR-6 SE

Creality has announced its new CR-6 SE 3D printer.

The CR-6 SE will be the Chinese manufacturer’s first crowdfunded 3D printer, receiving Kickstarter backing from the 6th of May to the 6th of June prior to its launch. With an expected price tag of around $300-$400, the user-friendliness focused FDM system is aimed at hobbyists and newcomers to the world of 3D printing.

The Creality CR-6 SE 3D printer. Photo via Creality.
The Creality CR-6 SE 3D printer. Photo via Creality.

Revamped aluminum body

The CR-6 SE has a modular aluminum body, with sealed dust-resistant coupling points, which can be disassembled and packed away for easier transport. A sturdy gantry structure also allows users to carry the printer without disassembly. The initial assembly of the 3D printer takes only five minutes, with detailed instructions aiding the intuitive process.

The mechanical components of an FDM printer are constantly moving around, generating inertia which can send vibrations through a print, shaking it on the build plate. As a result, printed parts could potentially have very visible layer lines, especially on taller models. Creality has taken extra care with the design of the CR-6 SE’s frame, ensuring smooth and stable motion regardless of the dimensions of the print job.

The frame has been given a wider, fortified foundation with dual linear Z-axis rails, topped off with a timing belt to dampen vibrations and improve motion balance during printing. The theoretical result is 3D printed parts of visibly higher quality as the placement of the nozzle should be more precise as it moves in the XYZ planes.

The foldable frame of the CR-6 SE. Photo via Creality.
The foldable frame of the CR-6 SE. Photo via Creality.

Inside the body of the printer is Creality’s new Trinamic motion controller with an Atmage2560 chipset, which is capable of voltage control via thermal runaway protection firmware – keeping temperatures low and enabling sub-30dB printing. A 4.3 inch HD full-color touch screen provides a gateway to most functions, with English and Chinese language options. The printer’s frame also features a foldable filament holder, a tool storage drawer, and an adjustable belt tensioner to mitigate the slack that can form on the conveyor belts over time.

Intelligent leveling-free system

The system boasts a number of clever features, claiming to fix common problems typically found in consumer-grade machines, which includes the age-old issue of bed leveling. A level print bed is crucial to achieving consistently successful prints on a machine. Without it, rafts and skirts often fail to adhere to the bed, moving around as the nozzle attempts to extrude subsequent layers to no avail.

The CR-6 SE’s in-built innovative “leveling-free device” utilizes a smart pressure sensor to constantly automatically level the bed so the user doesn’t have to. The machine also comes factory pre-leveled so if it all works as intended, print adhesion should be greatly increased without the user even having to think about it.

To add to this, the smooth glass bed is coated in carborundum, a microporous composite material with desirable thermal properties. The carborundum coating promotes rapid heating, stronger adhesion, and easier part removal as the microstructure contracts in a cooler state.

Modular printhead redesign

Poorly designed printhead assemblies are the root cause of nozzle clogging and oozing. Creality’s crowdfunded system aims to combat this with a redesigned modular printhead structure that allows users to replace and substitute components with ease. The heat sink, heat block, Teflon tubing, and hotend are all deconstructable, encouraging maintenance and tinkering. A set of powerful cooling fans enables superior control over filament extrusion and retraction. The printhead also houses an in-situ filament runout sensor to pause prints when required – especially useful for those multi-day prints that burn through spools like butter.

To back the production of the CR-6 SE and receive a discount on release, fill out this form and you’ll receive an alert when the Kickstarter page is up.

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Featured image shows the Creality CR-6 SE 3D printer. Photo via Creality.