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UNIZ announces its new record-breaking NBEE dental 3D printer

3D printer manufacturer UNIZ has announced the launch of its latest super high-speed dental 3D printer at TCT Asia.

Dubbed the NBEE, the resin-based LCD system combines speed, precision, and reliability to provide a one-stop-shop for dental offices, labs, and manufacturing facilities. Suitable for everything from aligners models and denture bases to night-guards and surgical guides, the NBEE is designed to address the needs of high-speed dental 3D printing.

The machine is built with productivity in mind, and breaks the company’s previous throughput record with a print speed of 280mm/hr. The company is once again setting the bar higher, enabling users to 3D print a plate of six dental models in five minutes or 26 standing models in 25 minutes.

UNIZ announced, “The NBEE has all the killer features to make extraordinary strides in the dental market. The system provides oral and dental specialists with unfathomable precision, effective work flow, and easy adaptation in digital dentistry.”

Dental parts 3D printed on the NBEE. Photo via UNIZ.
Dental parts 3D printed on the NBEE. Photo via UNIZ.

The NBEE 3D printer

UNIZ’s latest release aims to deliver in both quality and longevity, offering a number of new upgrades that set it apart from other dental 3D printers. Equipped with the company’s High Uniformity Collimate Light Engine, the NBEE provides users with up to 95% light uniformity for excellent feature details and an XY resolution of 50 microns.

The system also comes complete with an all-new stereo composite film, which is reportedly stronger and more durable than the previous design. Each piece of film is able withstand up to 55 liters of resin before needing a replacement, resulting in more printing and less maintenance.

Much like UNIZ’s previous 3D printers, the NBEE is also capable of active resin temperature control, which keeps the material in the vat at an optimal viscosity for 3D printing. The high-performance cooling system also keeps the operating temperature of the machine itself below 40°C, ensuring the lifespan of the LCD screen is extended to at least 5000 hours.

With over 40 patents under its belt, the company also offers an extensive range of 3D printing materials. To complement the NBEE specifically, UNIZ has developed a set of FDA-approved dental resins, including the zDENTAL IDB for indirect bonding trays. Topping things off, the NBEE makes use of UNIZ Dental, the company’s new purpose-built printing preparation software with one-click printing and streamlined dental model editing.

Readers interested in purchasing the machine can visit the UNIZ store page for a quote.

UNIZ’s extensive portfolio of zDental resins available for use with the NBEE. Photo via UNIZ.
UNIZ’s extensive portfolio of zDental resins available for use with the NBEE. Photo via UNIZ.

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Featured image shows dental parts 3D printed on the NBEE. Photo via UNIZ.