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Amace launches its first metal 3D printer, the ALM-400 – technical specifications and pricing

Metal 3D printing service provider Amace, a Bangalore-based subsidiary of machine tool firm Ace Micromatic Group, has announced the launch of its first 3D printer – the ALM-400.

Designed for both functional prototyping and series end-use production, the SLM system features a sizable build volume measuring 410 x 410 x 450mm and a dual 1kW laser setup.

With this launch, Amace is targeting both the international and local Indian markets, as the latter has historically had a very low level of metal 3D printing adoption. The company has attributed this to low productivity rates, high 3D printer and manufacturing costs, and high machine downtimes during breakdowns, since service engineers and spare parts are in short supply. The ALM-400 is ultimately intended to address these issues, providing reliability, high rates of productivity, and a greater Return on Investment for customers.

“The ALM-400 has been designed keeping high productivity in focus,” said TP Sridhar, CEO and Director of sister company Ace Designers Ltd. “With some of the unique features of the machine, ALM-400 will meet and exceed the expectations of additive machine users. With enhanced user experience and intuitive feedback, the machine is convenient to operate and troubleshoot.”

The ALM-400 3D printer. Photo via Amace.
The ALM-400 3D printer. Photo via Amace.

Metal additive manufacturing with Amace

Founded in 2018, Amace was built on the vision of making metal 3D printing technology more accessible. Until now, the company’s offering has comprised additive manufacturing materials and services, including design consulting, training, and post-processing.

The development of Amace’s debut 3D printer has turned the company into one of India’s first indigenous metal additive manufacturing system providers, alongside Intech Additive Solutions. Amace states that many of its existing industrial customers have been looking to purchase an in-house metal 3D printer for their own facilities, but a lack of options in India made this a challenge. The availability of the ALM-400 now provides an avenue for those seeking it.

LS Umesh, CEO & Director of sister firm Ace Manufacturing Systems Ltd, added, “The versatile machine is developed on the strong foundation of our vast experience in machine building and understanding of metal working machines. Backed with industry expertise and having been involved in the technology for the past many years, amace, today has a better understanding of customer requirements. The team has understood the complexities in manufacturing faced by customers and has the right solution through the AM process.”

The ALM-400

The ALM-400 3D printer is compatible with a whole host of metal alloys, including stainless steels, aluminum alloys, maraging steels, Inconel, titanium alloys, and more. Depending on the application, the system is also capable of varying layer heights between 30 and 120 microns. For improved axis precision and ease of maintenance, all of the machine’s axes are controlled by servo motors.

One of the 3D printer’s key selling points is its patented multi-blade recoating system, which works in conjunction with the dedicated smart powder management system to monitor the machine’s powder levels in a continuous manner. This enables the ALM-400 to dynamically predict the volume of powder required to complete the print job in real-time. Additionally, an integrated ‘fast powder extraction system’ is designed to ensure the printer is ready for the next print job in a matter of minutes.

On the software side of things, the ALM-400 features a full-color touchscreen complete with a user-friendly GUI. Wi-Fi connectivity comes as standard and allows for remote print management. The machine also offers real-time fault detection via a camera and image processing system, along with a predictive interface intended to help users determine these failures and take necessary actions. Additional features include an automatic filtration system and ongoing smart notifications about the performance status of the 3D printer.

Technical specifications and pricing

Below are the technical specifications for the Amace ALM-400 3D printer. The system is available to order now. Visit the Amace store page to receive a quote.

Build volume410 x 410 x 450mm
Lasers2 x 1kW fiber
Scanning speedUp to 9m/s
Layer thickness30 – 100 microns
Beam focus diameter80 – 120 microns
Re-coaterBi-directional multi-blade
Dimensions3200 x 2400 x 3200mm

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Featured image shows the ALM-400 3D printer. Photo via Amace.