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Raise3D unveils new carbon fiber-ready E2CF 3D printer: technical specifications and pricing

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3D printer manufacturer Raise3D has revealed that it plans to launch a new desktop machine which allows users to produce carbon fiber-fortified parts.

Known as the ‘E2CF,’ Raise3D’s successor to its award-winning ‘E2’ features the same dual extrusion IDEX technology and flexible build plate as before, but can now deposit fiber-reinforced materials. As a result, the firm’s latest 3D printer is capable of manufacturing long-lasting high-strength-to-weight ratio parts, with potential automotive, aerospace, and healthcare applications. 

“With the release of the E2CF, Raise3D fills the market gap for a desktop-level 3D printer that’s optimized for fiber-reinforced filaments, making carbon fiber 3D printing affordable and simple at last,” said Raise3D’s Global CEO Edward Feng. “This is a relevant step in our mission to lead the promotion and implementation of the flexible manufacturing solutions used for low-volume or agile production.”

“The global effort to manufacture more energy-efficient equipment has fuelled a high demand for high strength-to-weight ratio parts.”

Raise3D's E2CF 3D printer with drybox.
Raise3D’s E2CF 3D printer with its material drybox installed. Image via Raise3D.

Raise3D’s desktop portfolio 

Based in California, but with offices in Rotterdam and Shanghai as well, Raise3D specializes in the development of FDM 3D printing systems, materials and related software for its SME and LME client base. Having initially launched its N2 machine in 2015, the firm went on to release its upgraded Pro2 series in 2018, systems which packed dual extruders and broad compatibility with PLA, ABS and PETG materials. 

Since then, Raise3D has built up a robust offering around its systems, unveiling a RaiseFactory print farm back in April 2019, which is said to be capable of yielding custom parts at scale thanks to its RaiseCloud management software, while it has also sought to address the slicing needs of its customers, with the launch of its ideaMaker Library and updated ideaMaker 4.0 programs. 

With regards to its machine portfolio, Raise3D’s E2 3D printer is its current flagship model. Debuted at TCT 2019, the industrial-grade E2 has primarily been aimed towards makers and engineers, but with its heavier-duty E2CF, Raise3D is now aiming to raise the performance bar, and bring the accessible manufacturing of robust carbon fiber-reinforced parts to the homes and workbenches of its clientele.

A gif of the extruder on Raise3D's E2CF 3D printer being calibrated.
One of the extruders on Raise3D’s new E2CF 3D printer during calibration. Gif via Raise3D.

Accessible reinforced 3D printing

First announced at TCT Asia 2021, the E2CF is specifically designed to enable the creation of ultra-durable parts, which can be deployed for long-periods within demanding applications. To make this possible, Raise3D has fitted its latest machine with a double-gear extrusion system, allowing it to process hardened components with twice the feeding grip force of the E2, at a reduced risk of wear.

In terms of other upgrades, the E2CF features a high-durability nozzle and feeding setup, which is mechanically-enhanced for long-term usage, meaning that it’s capable of depositing the firm’s proprietary filament for over 1000 hours at a time, while its auto-bed levelling functionality enables the system to offer better first-layer adhesion than its predecessor as well.

Alongside its upcoming system, Raise3D is also launching its Industrial PA12 CF polymer and breakaway support material. With a tensile strength of 72 MPa and impact strength of 12.5 kJ/m2, the new PA12 is said to yield lightweight-yet-long-lasting parts with a such a high level of surface finish, that they don’t require any post-processing for end-use.  

Thanks to these features, the firm’s materials, which are set to come packaged with its latest printer, are potentially ideal for producing industrial components like jigs and fixtures. What’s more, the E2CF is equipped with two sealed dry boxes, helping users keep their filaments cool, while Raise3D also says that it has further materials “in the pipeline,” thus it plans to build on its machine’s compatibility post-launch. 

A part produced using Raise3D's Industrial PA12 CF material with breakaway supports.
A part produced using Raise3D’s Industrial PA12 CF material with breakaway supports. Photo via Raise3D.

Technical specifications and pricing

According to Raise3D, the E2CF is set for a “late Q4” release, although an exact date has not yet been set. Later this year, the firm also intends to showcase its upcoming system via an online public event, while those seeking to get up close and personal with the machine can do so at Rapid+TCT from September 13-15, TCT Birmingham on September 28-30 and during Formnext on November 16-19 2021. 

While pricing is subject to change, Raise3D currently intends to charge €3,999 in Europe for its new system, and $4,499 in the U.S. and the rest of the world. Pre-sales are expected to open a few weeks before the printer is listed for sale later in 2021, but in the meantime, the technical specifications for the E2CF can be found below. 

Build Volume (Single Extruder)330 x 240 x 240 mm 
Build Volume (Dual Extruder)295 x 240 x 240 mm 
Print Head Travel Speed 30 – 150 mm/s
Layer Height 0.1 – 0.25 mm 
Nozzle Diameter 0.4mm (0.6/0.8mm available) 
Max Nozzle Temperature 300 °C
Machine Size 607 x 596 x 465 mm
Net Weight 32.4 kg
Connectivity Wi-Fi, LAN, USB, live camera

The nominations for the 2021 3D Printing Industry Awards are now open. Who do you think should make the shortlists for this year’s show? Have your say now. 

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Featured image shows Raise3D’s E2CF 3D printer with its material drybox installed. Image via Raise3D.