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Raise3D launches ideaMaker 4.0 slicing software

3D printer manufacturer and software developer Raise3D has launched the latest version of its slicing software, ideaMaker 4.0.

The ideaMaker 4.0 will become the core of Raise3D software ecosystem, providing better integration with the firm’s other software offerings while enabling users to further maximize the efficiencies and properties of their prints.

ideaMaker 4.0 will become the core of the Raise3D ecosystem. Image via Raise3D.

Raise3D’s additive manufacturing software

Active in both the hardware and software sectors of 3D printing, Raise3D has unveiled several products over the last few years in order to expand its presence in the industry.

At Hannover Messe 2019, the firm announced its RaiseFactory 3D printing systems, based on its previously released Pro2 series 3D printers, to provide customers with a “flexible manufacturing” system promoting versatility, ease-of-use, and scalability. Shortly after, the firm launched its industrial-grade E2 3D printer equipped with an IDEX system at TCT Show 2019.

Most recently, Raise3D unveiled its new ideaMaker Library platform, the final addition to its all-in-one portfolio which integrates all stages of the 3D printing workflow. This year, the firm also delivered several updates of its RaiseCloud print management system in addition to launching RaiseOcto, a plugin that allows users to manage all their machines, regardless of the brand, on the same platform.

Raise3D ideaMaker slicing software. Image via Raise3D.
Raise3D ideaMaker slicing software. Image via Raise3D.

ideaMaker 4.0 software

Raise3D has continually updated its ideaMaker software over the past year, with its latest version, ideaMaker 4.0, now offering users additional optimization and customization options.

Through the software, users can customize the settings of single sections, selected layers, or a specific shape, inside an STL model in order to maximize the efficiency of their print, while reducing waste material and print time. The ideaMaker 4.0 also provides better integration with Raise3D’s ideaMaker Library, RaiseCloud, and Octoprint. Users can download and share slicing templates through the ideaMaker Library platform before uploading a Gcode to Octoprint. They can then remotely monitor the printing process via RaiseCloud.

ideaMaker 4.0 is equipped with additional functions to more ably modify overlap regions and minimal parts, and to distribute models in specific ways. The software also features a “spiral vase mode path interpolation” function which systematically transitions to the next layer if a large gap appears between layers, as a result of a sudden structure change in XY direction.

ideaMaker 4.0 will be available in multiple languages, including English, Spanish, German, French, Italian, Russian, and Polish.

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Featured image shows ideaMaker 4.0 will become the core of the Raise3D ecosystem. Image via Raise3D.