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Raise3D to debut new multi-purpose industrial-grade 3D printer at TCT 2019

Raise3D, the manufacturer of the Pro 2 series 3D printers, has announced that it will debut a new multi-purpose, “industrial-grade” FFF/FDM 3D printer at TCT Show 2019, in Birmingham, UK, next week.  

Known as the E2, this new 3D printer marks the starting point of a new line of printers designed for educational environments. Edward Feng, the global CEO of Raise3D, explained, “There is always a fine balance between usability and performance.” 

“We want our 3D printers to be as inclusive as possible, operated by engineers, technical experts, and large manufacturing enterprises while at the same time providing access to easy to use 3D technologies that support education, entrepreneurial ventures, and desktop engineering.”

The E2 3D printer. Photo via Raise3D.
The E2 3D printer. Photo via Raise3D.

The E2 3D printer 

As stated by Diogo Quental, general manager, Europe, at Raise3D, “The company aims to have a portfolio that addresses the specific needs of major industries. With that aim in mind, our R&D team designed a new printer which is easier to optimize for each industry, while keeping the highest standards that we always strive for.”

Differing from the Pro2 and Pro 2 Plus, the E2 has a 330mm x 240mm x 240mm print volume, and independent dual extruders to enable inverse and duplicate 3D printing. In addition, an industrial video-assisted offset calibration guide is provided, as well as auto bed leveling, and a power save mode option.

Despite its pending availability in Europe exclusively for education, Raise3D aims to expand this line of 3D printers to support the development of specific materials, applications, and industries, by 2020.

Feng added, “Just like automobiles, we know some drivers prefer the manual gearbox to an automatic transmission and vice-versa, so we believe the new features will be vitally important for the type of future users we expect from a variety of industries.”

A 3D printed film prop manufactured on Raise3D's N2 3D printer. Photo by Tia Vialva.
A 3D printed film prop manufactured on Raise3D’s N2 3D printer. Photo by Tia Vialva.

Meeting the requirements of educational 3D printing

Raise3D’s Pro2 series for rapid prototyping, model making, and various end-use parts. According to Quental, “Having a competitive product for education is always an important contribution to long-term success. [The] Pro2 series is currently the best choice for manufacturing, and its approval by manufacturers is higher than ever before.”

“It is hard to combine with the requirements of education, where, for example, a smaller printer would be easier to handle. With E2, we can be competitive also in this strategic sector, while at the same time improving our preparation for the future.”

The E2 will be available at €2499 + VAT. Raise3D can be found at stand F88 at TCT Show 2019.

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Featured image shows the E2 3D printer. Photo via Raise3D.