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Authentise launches material management AMES update to improve 3D printing traceability

3D printing software developer, Authentise has released Material Management, a powder tracking update for its Authentise Manufacturing Execution System (AMES) workflow software. 

Authentise’s new add-on is a simplified material traceability feature that allows users to track all actions associated with a material, such as sieving, blending, testing or printing. The feature will be seamlessly integrated into AMES, providing users with a full digital thread of their printing materials, which could allow customers to improve on their designs and production processes.

“We’re excited to be the only independent provider with an end-to-end digital material and part traceability solution,” said Andre Wegner, CEO of Authentise. “The integration of our unique ability to draw together data from machines, operators, testing and now materials finally gives us the tools to understand these processes fully, and explain them to our partners.”

Material genealogy tree. Image via Authentise.

Authentise’s AMES monitoring system 

Founded in 2012, Authentise develops data-driven process automation software for additive manufacturing (AM). The company’s core modular product is AMES, a software that gathers data from 3D printers and then seamlessly generates order status updates, automated actions, and system optimization reports. The latter is based on 3DIAX, a platform designed to manage the 3D printing workflow and control data security, file conversion, and more. 

The recent multi-year collaboration with Microsoft, saw the integration of Authentise’s platform into a cloud-based Microsoft Flow Software. In February 2019, it received approval from the United States Patent and Trademark (USPTO) for its Additive Accelerator, a tool used to showcase how streaming machine code in manufacturing hardware helps preserve intellectual property (IP) of the part.  As part of a partnership with Addiguru, the company recently added a combination of machine data and AI-based in-situ monitoring to the software. 

With its new Material Management update, Authentise has raised the prospect of using material traceability as a means of improving manufacturing. According to Wegner, users will be able to “gain the knowledge they need not only to track powder use and other actions, but also associate that data with the data we’ve always collected such as machine data, test data or simply manual operator inputs. There has never been a digital tool that associates all this data.”

QR code used to load machine with material batch. Image via Authentise.
QR code used to load machine with material batch. Image via Authentise.

The new AMES update and Material Management

Authentise’s new Material Management add-on provides AMES users with numerous additional benefits, such as automated traceability reports, which can be ordered for any 3D printed part. As the system’s tracking capabilities are not limited to the material, users are also able to see operator actions and machine data using the company’s app, which can be used on any handheld device. 

What’s more, on the browser version, a full report with a complete material genealogy tree can be accessed. Once the user activates Material Management on an AMES license, they are able to receive material in lots, as well as create and organize batches of material, allowing them greater control over inventory. 

AMES users will now also have access to Authentise’s QR app, which provides a full record of a material’s life cycle and printer’s history. Controlling actions simultaneously will allow operators to instantly know the location and build time of their parts. 

Material Management traceability report. Image via Authentise.

Who has implemented Material Management? 

Both TWI, a British technology consultancy firm, and aerospace company Boeing have recently integrated the Material Management update into their production workflow. 

The tracking feature has enabled TWI to demonstrate that the company has remained in line with industry regulations, and serves as a record of the firm’s progress in meeting orders. “We can use the data to improve our processes, provide automated reports to clients and work with partners to develop better machines, material, processes and designs,” said Miguel Zavala, Project Leader in Laser Additive Manufacturing at TWI. 

In 2019, Boeing selected Authentise along with 10 other start-ups to take part in a program aimed at boosting innovation in the aerospatial sector. Each company was backed by Boeing’s HorizonX venture. Authentise contributed with its integration of 3DIAX platform into Microsoft Flow and its recently received patent for System, method and Program Product for Digital Production Management. Now, Material Management permits Boeing to track its material history, actions executed by operators, and control machine data. 

Other material traceability systems 

Recently, material tracking has been on the rise, with plenty of software companies offering alternatives for material tracking software and digital workflow. 

New York-based additive manufacturing workflow software company Link3D, has also launched a material tracking system software. The program features purchase tracking and comprehensive data retrieval that can then be linked to individual 3D printed parts. 

German 3D printer OEM, EOS and UK-based software company AMFG have partnered up in an attempt to enhance the connectivity of 3D printers. As part of the deal, all EOS machines were provided with direct control through AMFG’s MES software

As for workflow, Coherent, a powder bed fusion system manufacturer and dental CAD/ CAM software developer exocad have joined forces to simplify the production of metal dental restorations

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Featured image shows the details of a material lot visible on the browser when Material Management. Image via Authentise.