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Real-time Monitoring Tool 3Diax Machine Analytics released

Authentise, the Mountain View-based platform providing additive manufacturers with process automation software has released 3Diax Machine Analytics on September 12.

As 3D printing technology expanding from lab to production, how to monitor active prints and identify key performance indicators has become a tricky question. It seems that 3Diax Machine Analytics could likely be the solution to this problem.

Image: Authentise
Image: Authentise

According to Authentise, the 3Diax Machine Analytics is the first off-the-shelf component of the 3Diax, a secure storage and application platform released in July last year, especially made for 3D files. The new monitoring tool aims to help companies to supervise their additive manufacturing devices simultaneously. In addition, it collects and exhibits key information include machine utilization and material usage on a dashboard or Application Programming Interface (API), thus improving the efficiency by informing the customers timely when the malfunctions occur.

You can’t improve what you can’t measure……Manufacturers and service providers who want to drive additive manufacturing to production scale know that they need operational transparency in real-time. 3Diax Machine Analytics provides it, but it’s just a start – using 3Diax’s other modules to build on the data enables measurable efficiency gain.” (Andre Wegner, CEO of Authentise and Digital Manufacturing faculty at Singularity University)

What’s worth mentioning is its extensibility with corporate IT systems, using Authentise’s open APIs or other parts of the 3Diax platform. One could utilize the data displayed for more accurate quotes, better automatic distribution of prints, or more efficient material inventory management, etc.

“As the industry overcomes hardware, design and material challenges to identify more and more disruptive use cases for additive, the volumes rise exponentially,” continues Andre Wegner. “Current processes and software solutions are just not ready for that. 3Diax provides a modular solution that integrates and augments existing processes to address discrete automation challenges one-by-one rather than ripping and replacing the whole system.” (Andre Wegner, CEO of Authentise and Digital Manufacturing faculty at Singularity University)

Image: Authentise
Image: Authentise

About Authentise:

Founded in 2012, Authentise provides modular process automation solutions to leaders in the additive manufacturing market. It’s 3Diax platform builds on patent-pending secure delivery and quality assurance technology and is used by several Fortune 100 companies and leaders in additive manufacturing.

Feature Image: Authentise