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ScratchyCAD to launch a Kickstarter

A new member is joining the 3D printing software family —— the ScratchyCAD. Before we meet it, it will go through a Kickstarter campaign first, with a funding goal of $25,000 USD that will be used for refining the user experience, diversifying current features, and creating didactic workshops.

The campaign is set on October 1st with the ScratchyCAD team introducing the software at World Maker Faire in New York City.

You might be wondering what’s the story with this new member. Well, ScratchyCAD is a parametric 3D design software that allows the user to create programmed 3D objects in a block-based programming language. Designed for users to create and modify 3D models, which is of course a must for a 3D printing software, it is also capable of generating animations, videogames, and interactive 3D websites that can be viewed in VR headsets.

Image: ScratchyCAD
Image: ScratchyCAD

For a 3D modeling greenhand like me, the most attractive thing about this software could be its drag and drop style blocks in a simple interface that combines computer programming and computer-aided design (CAD).  This may not be new for those who are familiar with Scratch, an educational computer language for initiates to develop their own programs. But it seems to be an innovative move in applying this idea into 3D modelling.

ScratchyCAD is a great tool for learning complex concepts like algorithmic and parametric design in a simple to use, beginner friendly interface, while maintaining enough complexity for advanced users to create 3D printable objects, VR worlds, simulations, and animations.” (Juan Carlos Orozco lead developer and author)

ScratchyCAD will offer a series of courses focused on beginners as part of their Kickstarter campaign. Each of these courses will demonstrate different applications of ScratchyCAD such as parametric modeling for 3D printing, video game design, interactive website development, virtual reality, and using ScratchyCAD in the classroom for STEAM education. You might want to go there and check it out if you get a chance.

About ScratchyCAD

ScratchyCAD is a joint effort of international 3D printing entrepreneurs, educators, designers, and programmers to diversify creative coding and ease the entry point of complex digital design software.

Feature Image: ScratchyCAD