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Authentise’s USPTO approved patent increases security in additive manufacturing processes

Authentise, a Californian process automation software provider, has received approval from the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) for its ‘System, method and Program Product for Digital Production Management’ patent.

The patent is used within the company’s Additive Accelerator, a workflow management engine connected to additive machine data. It demonstrates how streaming designs or machine code directly into manufacturing hardware aids the Intellectual Property (IP) of a part, as well as integrity protection in digital manufacturing.

“The patent was a foundational piece of our early days, and while the distributed manufacturing future it predicted is further away than we hoped it still sends important messages,” said Andre Wegner, CEO of Authentise.

“First is that data-enabled manufacturing processes such as additive manufacturing can deliver entirely new functionality such as digital quality assurance and seamless intellectual property protection. Secondly, that the resulting new business models such as distributed manufacturing are an inevitability that we must invest in, today.”

Direct 3D printers control from Authentise's platform. Image via Authentise.
Direct 3D printers control from Authentise’s platform. Image via Authentise.

Additive Production Accelerator

Authentise’s data-driven Additive Production Accelerator manages the additive manufacturing process from end-to-end, increasing efficiency and repeatability. This system is capable of generating quotes, renders, material and time estimates, and is able to connect to several machines for automatic order status updates and traceability reports.

Users of the Accelerator have recently gained access to Prosper3D’s additive manufacturing automated quoting platform, through a partnership with Authentise. Prior to this, Authentise released its 3Diax Machine Analytics, a real-time monitoring tool for simultaneous 3D printing process supervision.

The current System, method and Program Product for Digital Production Management patent further protects its user’s manufacturing workflow. According to Authentise, the patent closes the loop in remote in-process amendments by integrating watermarks in the verified parts. Wegner added:

“We are happy to have our leadership in advanced security and integrity tools for digital manufacturing, and additive in particular, recognized by the US Patent Office.”

“The pace of innovation is relentless. Patents – especially in 3D printing – can’t stop it entirely but can slow it down. We see this patent as a shining ad to the industry as to where the technology is moving. To get there, we have to work together with others. To work with others, we have to show them there’s value in it.”

This solution will be on display at the Additive Manufacturing User Group (AMUG) conference in Chicago, on March 31, 2019.

Authentise's 3Diax Machine Analytics3D tool. Image via Authentise.
Authentise’s 3Diax Machine Analytics3D tool. Image via Authentise.

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