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Authentise to integrate additive manufacturing into Microsoft Flow

Additive manufacturing software developer Authentise Inc. has announced a multi-year collaboration with American multinational technology corporation Microsoft.

Under this collaboration, the companies will work to integrate Authentise’s AM workflow management system into the cloud-based Microsoft Flow software. With addition to the Microsoft Flow Gallery, Authentise will attain seamless integration with Microsoft products. It will also enable businesses to create custom notifications, and automatic, multi-step workflows that take care of repetitive tasks such as the approval of requests, report generation, and sending custom emails.

Diego Tamburini, Principal Manufacturing Industry Lead for Cloud Commercial Communities at Microsoft, comments, “Microsoft is pleased to help Authentise empower manufacturing workers by enabling them to create their own business workflows on the Microsoft cloud.”

“By adding manufacturing-specific connectors to the Microsoft Flow gallery, Authentise is unlocking the workers’ creativity so they can improve the efficiency of their own work.”

The modular, custom AM workflow

At present, Authentise provides two key software products: the Additive Accelerator, a workflow management engine, and 3DIAX. 3DIAX is a modular platform that effectively allows users to build their own software based on workflow requirements.

Example 3DIAX modules include:

– Watermarking, adding a serial number to parts for tracing
– Quoting, for any additive process based on individual cost structure
– Machine Analytics, determining utilization and,
– Reporting, for production data

Authentise 3DIAX modules. Image via Authentise

Authentise products are open platforms, with seamless integration between a range of familiar programs.

Within Microsoft Flow, Authentise customers will be able to create automated workflows that rely on access to line items managed by Authentise software. On a conditional statement basis, the customers will then be able to add actions that, for example, send mobile notifications in the event of a new order. Overall, Microsoft Flow is a software that essentially allows people to program without requiring programming knowledge.

Example Microsoft Flow Authentise task. Image via Authentise
Example Microsoft Flow Authentise task. Image via Authentise

Under this collaboration, Authentise data will also have drag and drop compatibility with applications such as Microsoft Office 365, Quickbooks, text messaging, email and more.

Cloud additive manufacturing 

Authentise is integrating into Microsoft Flow by using the Microsoft Azure cloud computing service. As part of the collaboration, Authetise will also be transferring all of its existing cloud customers over to Azure.

“With 54 regions across the globe delivering services to 140 countries, Microsoft Azure is uniquely positioned to help manufacturers meet their compliance obligations including ITAR and GDPR,” comments Tamburini. “While Manufacturers may have once shied away from the cloud, they are no longer doing so.”

Andre Wegner, CEO of Authentise, concludes, “We’re delighted to be working with Microsoft to put power into the hands of operators. Our work has shown us how creative those involved with additive production are, and how that ingenuity is often stifled within their operations. Yet, there are many ways in which they could improve their daily operations with zero risk.”

“Thanks to this collaboration, we are giving the power to make those changes to anyone, no matter their background.”

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Featured image shows Authentise logo over Microsoft Flow connectors. Images via Authentise and Microsoft