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Creality hails HALOT-ONE as the “dark horse” of desktop SLA 3D printing

Chinese 3D printer manufacturer Creality has hailed its HALOT-ONE system as the “dark horse” of precise yet cost-effective SLA additive manufacturing. 

Released just before its flagship HALOT-SKY system, the firm’s HALOT-ONE is designed to bring high-quality 3D printing to hobbyists and designers at a competitive price. Thanks to its ‘new-generation’ optical system, Creality says that its machine is now capable of achieving a uniform light intensity of over 80%, allowing it to help users avoid common SLA printing  pitfalls such as uneven curing and defective layers. 

Creality's HALOT-ONE SLA 3D printer.
Creality’s HALOT-ONE SLA 3D printer. Image via Creality.

Creality’s desktop portfolio 

Over the last seven years, Creality has built up a strong portfolio of 3D printers, which has allowed it to meet the needs of clients in the high, middle and low-end desktop markets. The firm has traditionally concentrated on developing optimized FDM systems, such as its CR-6 SE and CR-30, but recently it has increasingly ventured into the LCD space.

Within its existing resin 3D printer range, Creality offers its LD-006, LD-002H, and LD-002R machines, with each featuring incremental levels of performance to match the needs of their different users. Compared to the entry level LD-002R, for instance, the LD-002H comes with a print size of 130 x 82 x 160mm, making it ideal for dental applications, while the top-spec LD-006 is fitted with a higher-resolution 4K screen. 

Since the start of 2021, Creality has chosen to build on its SLA portfolio, with the launch of its high-end HALOT-SKY, and as the next in line within the ‘HALOT’ range, the HALOT-ONE shares similar specs to its bigger brother. Moving forwards, the firm says that it now intends to continue investing in its LCD product lines, with the aim of “bringing extreme SLA 3D printing to a wide range of global consumers.”

An infographic showing the processing power of Creality's HALOT-ONE 3D printer.
Creality’s HALOT-ONE features an ARMCortex M4 processor and 4-core GPU. Image via Creality.

Balancing cost and performance 

Designed to address the unstable light intensity and precision caused by matrix light-based machines, Creality’s HALOT-ONE features an “integral light source” optical engine. Built around the principle of ‘optical reflection plus refraction,’ the firm’s latest system uses precise light control as a means of overcoming excessive exposure transition, and creating models with enhanced gloss and fine features. 

In combination with its 6-inch 2K monochrome screen and precision Z-axis module, Creality says that the HALOT-ONE’s light engine represents “a revolutionary breakthrough in precision and detail,” while its cost-efficient triple cooling and filtration system provides adopters with an easy-to-use and affordable yet aroma-free 3D printing experience. 

Likewise, the HALOT-ONE’s proprietary mainboard is powered by an ARMCortex M4 processor and 4-core GPU. As a result, the machine is built for prolonged use, efficiency and low power consumption, while remaining capable of parsing every point and slicing files of any given model, making it an accessible but highly-competent desktop system. 

Despite the complex architecture of Creality’s latest machine, its in-house developed ‘BOX’ slicing software also keeps things easy-to-handle for newcomers. Characterized by a concise but accessible interface, the program provides simplified modeling and command parameter customization tools that are easy to master, even for complete novices. 

Elsewhere, the HALOT-ONE features an intuitive 5-inch full-view color touch screen and 127 x 80 x 160mm build volume, that’s compact and efficient compared to that of the larger HALOT-SKY, while its pre-loaded functions like the ‘Z-axis linear guide plus T-rod’ module, should help users of all abilities deliver stable print performance and reliable results. 

Technical specifications and pricing

Below are the technical specifications of Creality’s HALOT-ONE 3D printer. The machine is now available to order via the company’s Tiny Machines 3D and Technology Outlet resellers or via the Creality store website directly for $259. 

Build Volume192 x 120 x 200mm 127 x 80 x 160mm 
Lamp Quantity 126
CPU/GPU 64-bit, 4-core 64-bit, 4-core 
Printing Screen 8.9 inch, 4K 5.96 inch, 2K 
LCD Resolution 3840 x 2400 2560 x 1620
Machine Dimension 340 x 292 x 552mm 230 x 230 x 415 mm 
Print Speed 1-4 s/ per layer 1-4 s/ per layer 
Layer Thickness 0.01-0.02mm 0.01-0.02mm 
Upgrade OTA OnlineOTA Online 

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Featured image shows Creality’s HALOT-ONE SLA 3D printer. Image via Creality.