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CELLINK awarded $1M in EU funding to develop 3D bioprinter ink

Swedish 3D bioprinting firm CELLINK and the Academic Center for Dentistry Amsterdam (ACTA) have been awarded the equivalent of over $1 million USD (SEK 10 million) for a materials development project.

Scheduled to run for three years, the funding was awarded by the European Union, with 50% of costs to be delivered by Horizon 2020 R&D pocket Eurostars. In this period, total budget is expected to run to over $2 million USD (or SEK 19.5 million).

The project will focus specifically on the creation of a collagen-based 3D printing material named FUNC-BIOINK.

Mini 3D printed noses (pink) and an ear (blue) in a hydrogel from CELLINK.
A selection of CELLINK 3D printed gel samples from the INKREDIBLE, including mini 3D printed noses (pink) and an ear (blue). Photo by Beau Jackson

The democratization of 3D bioprinting 

Founded in 2016, CELLINK is the developer of a range of 3D bioprinters and materials for application in medical research. Used in labs, CELLINK products contribute to the development of 3D tissues and micro organs that can be used to test new pharmaceuticals and cosmetics, with potential future application in regenerative medicine.

One recent application of CELLINK’s bioinks and 3D bioprinters is the development of tumorous tissues for cancer research at regenerative medicine R&D company CTI BIOTECH.

To advance the democratization of 3D bioprinting technologies, CELLINK also recently entered into a technology commercialization partnership with San Francisco biotechnology company Prellis Biologics.

A 3D printable bioink for tissue engineering 

Though still a relatively young company, CELLINK already has a substantial portfolio of materials for sale including alginate-based hydrogel CELLINK A, CELLINK (a cellulose ink), CELLINK BONE, CELLINK FIBRIN, CELLINK SKIN, GelMA (supporting skin, bone and muscles cells) and supporting materials.

CELLINK materials. Photo via CELLINK
CELLINK material cartridges. Photo via CELLINK

The work of the EU funded ACTA project will expand CELLINK’s collagen series of inks, developing a “ready-to-use biofunctionalized collagen-based ink for 3D bioprinting.” As such, the so-called FUNC-BIOINK should provide human stems cells with the perfect micro-environment to sustain life and proliferation.

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Featured image shows bioink cartridges. Photo via CELLINK

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