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CELLINK partners with Prellis Biologics to advance $1.2 million high-precision Holograph-X Bioprinter

CELLINK, a Swedish manufacturer of 3D bioprinters and bioprinting materials, and  Prellis Biologics a San Francisco biotechnology company have partnered to commercialize high-resolution holographic and micro bioprinting technology.

The partners will collaborate to develop and commercialize the CELLINK Holograph-X Bioprinter – powered by Prellis Biologics –  at an estimated price of $1.2 million. The system aims to enable the bioprinting of pre-vascularized tissue structures which support tissue growth.

“We believe in the democratization of science,” said Melanie Matheu, CEO of Prellis Biologics. “It’s not only our team who will lead discovery and therapeutics development using true-to-life 3D structures, but scientists across the globe,”

“Putting this technology into the hands of dedicated researchers is the fastest path to bring scientific advancements to the field and solutions to real people.”

The Holograph-X Bioprinter. Image via CELLINK.

The Holograph-X Bioprinter. Image via CELLINK.The CELLINK Holograph-X Bioprinter

The newly introduced Holograph-X Bioprinter has been developed using CELLINK’s extrusion based bioprinting platform used within its BIO X 3D printer. Furthermore, the system will integrate Prellis Biologic’s proprietary multi-photon laser-based bioprinting technology for ultra-high resolution microstructures within vascular networks.

This technology, also referred to as holographic 3D bioprinting, is used to 3D print fine capillaries, that deliver nutrients to cells, and scaffolds, which supports the growth of cells into a 3D tissue. Furthermore, Prellis’ laser-based process is capable of curing liquid to solid in under less than 5 milliseconds of exposure time.

The live matter used within this process is mixed into the print material as opposed to post-seeding the scaffolds and capillaries with cells, to avoid any cell damage due to light caused by exposure.

“We are excited to announce this partnership where we combine key strengths of our two companies resulting in cutting-edge technology to our partners and customers empowering them to advance their research in the field of 3D bioprinting of human organs,” said Erik Gatenholm, CEO, CELLINK.

3D printing a capillary structure using Prellis Biologics’ holographic technology. Clip via Prellis Biologics.
3D printing a capillary structure using Prellis Biologics’ holographic technology. Clip via Prellis Biologics.

Additive manufacturing accelerates cell growth

The Holograph-X Bioprinter system is said to support tissue growth 10x larger than standard spheroid cultures. In addition, the system works with any CAD file developed by researchers to match their specified organ and organoid tissue cultures.

Cell transplantation, therapeutics screening, and complex 3D culture development will be the main applications of the Holograph-X Bioprinter for in-lab manufacturing of capillary containing organ structures and tissues. 

This partnership will also further CELLINK’s product portfolio in the 3D bioprinting field as it offers a complete platform for highly advanced researchers in the field. 

The Holograph-X Bioprinter will be commercially available early 2019.

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Featured image shows the Holograph-X Bioprinter. Image via CELLINK.