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PrinterPrezz partners with Growshapes for validation of 3D printed medical devices

California-based PrinterPrezz, a 3D printing service bureau specializing in the medical sector, has partnered with Growshapes LLC, a distributor of 3D scanners, to help in its development of medical devices.

In particular, PrinterPrezz is looking to scale its 3D imaging lab, utilizing 3D imaging technologies from Growshapes to scan medical parts and implants in a high resolution. This will allow the detailed metrology, validation and enhancement processes of advanced metal 3D implants and other devices.

“Medical devices manufacturing is rapidly evolving and 3D printing is at the forefront of this change,” said Yuki Hoashi, Principal of Growshapes. “PrinterPrezz is a standout partner for us because it’s taking innovation from one industry and applying it to the medical industry utilizing various technologies, including 3D printing and scanning as well as designing and visualization.”

A 3D printed anatomical model by PrinterPrezz. Image via PrinterPrezz
A 3D printed anatomical model by PrinterPrezz. Image via PrinterPrezz

Helping medical professionals 3D print their ideas

PrinterPrezz specialise in areas of nanotechnology, metal 3D printing and orthopedics to design and manufacture medical devices. This includes the production of surgical aids, prosthetics, implants and various other medical devices.

It offers a range of 3D printing services to medical professionals, including access to 3D printing machines, 3D manipulation software, and 3D scanners, as well as advanced manufacturing processes.

In December 2018, the company opened its Innovation Center, a one-stop 3D printing facility in Fremont, which brings design, prototyping and manufacturing under one roof, aiming to streamline the production processes of medical devices for PrinterPrezz’ clients.

Co-founder and CEO of PrinterPrezz, Shri Shetty, has said, “3D printing has the potential to revolutionize how the world thinks about developing advanced medical devices.”

A 3D printed arm cast by PrinterPrezz. Image via PrinterPrezz
A 3D printed arm cast by PrinterPrezz. Image via PrinterPrezz

3D scanning helping the production of advanced medical devices

Founded in Silicon Valley in 2012, Growshapes is a reseller of 3D printers and scanners, sourcing and distributing across the globe to a range of sectors, from automotive to architecture.

Its products include HP 3D Structured Light Scanners, and the EinScan 3D scanner series from Shining3D.

Growshapes specializes in linking European and Chinese companies to Silicon Valley, building a global network of 3D printing related companies.

In this partnership, Growshapes will be able to provide PrinterPrezz access to a wide range of 3D printers and 3D scanners, enabling a flexibility to work on different types of medical devices and implants.

“Partnering with Growshapes enables PrinterPrezz to utilize cutting-edge 3D imaging technologies,” said Shafkat Anwar, SVP Medical Innovations of PrinterPrezz. “Scanning in medical parts created at PrinterPrezz with high resolution imaging allows us to test accuracy and find new avenues for innovation.”

“By integrating imaging, design, modelling and 3D printing, PrinterPrezz seeks to create patient-matched devices for improved clinical outcomes.”

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Featured image shows a medical device by PrinterPrezz. Screengrab via PrinterPrezz on Vimeo.