3D Printing

Ben & Jerry's Teams with Filabot to Upcycle Spoons into 3D Printing Filament

Yesterday, for Earth Day, filament manufacturers began to announce the development of certain eco-friendly feedstocks for 3D printing, including the reShootz recycled filaments and Algae Fuel filament made partially from algae.  Filabot, however, ben & jerry's filabot 3D printing filamenthas been among the first start-ups to encourage and enable the use of recycled materials in 3D printing through the use of their desktop recycler and extruder.  In honor of Earth Day, the recycling pioneer has teamed with progressive producers of dairy delights Ben and Jerry’s to further promote recycling.

Beginning with a location in Vermont, Ben and Jerry’s and Filabot will be encouraging customers to up-cycled their spoons into 3D printing filament.  The Vermont store has installed a fiber drum for the disposal of used spoons, which will Filabot will collect to make new feedstock.  To do so, Filabot will wash them, grind them into pellets, dry them with a specialty dyer, and extrude some of the pellets into filament. Once the first batch is picked up from B&J, Filabot will begin selling the pellets and filament online.

If you’re in Vermont, stop by Ben and Jerry’s to get some ice cream and further the eco-printing cause!