3D Printing

The Bears Are off The Stairs: Get Your Groove

Time for a party at DBLG, so we bring in the dancing bears. Noted for meticulous prints and stop motion animation from previous projects, the London based creative agency has taken its bears off the stairs and onto the dance floor. The short music video showcasing the new animation is part of their promotion to kickoff the next year in a “festive” mood.

The bears move to the beat, but be warned of a little naughtiness towards the end of the short clip when a couple of bears decided to give in to more powerful urges. We see a club scene and a chorus line of grooving bears in yet another fine display of stop motion capabilities enabled by 3D printing. As seen in previous videos, each movement is a different 3D printed bear. The final product stems from a collaboration between DBLG and Blue Zoo, a multi BAFTA award winning animation studio in London. The smoothness of movement is captivating. The slight, near imperceptible, gap in frames creates a better visual than anything CGI. In essence, the effects are real and our eyes recognize them as real and they then become even more impressive and alluring. DBLG sets the tone for its year and a possible trend.