3D Printing

Awaken Your Inner Frankenstein

Have you ever wanted that oh-so-satisfying ‘switch throwing’ moment anytime you want at home?

Well, thanks to the world of 3D printing, your dreams can now be a reality.

Jeff Kerr, known as LoboCNC on Thingiverse, has come up with a simply genius way of converting boring old household light switches into super cool switches good enough for even Frankenstein to use himself.

There’s no need to remove your existing switch or do any electronics DIY work, the plate just screws onto the wall over top of your existing light switch. The whole thing is 3D printed parts, requiring only a little assembly before being ready to use.

credit to Jeff Kerr

Never fear, those who rely on paddle style switches either, Kerr has you covered!

credit to Jeff Kerr
credit to Jeff Kerr


You can even have them in sets if you have a set of switches all together, double the switches means double the amusement.

The wood grain splits add to the novelty of the switch, and also provides a great canvas for anyone who’s hoping to paint their own one to make it their own.

credit to Benjamin Lane

Here we have one made by magiczztab, and he’s gone above and beyond to make his switch as realistic as possible. It looks far more like real wood like this, and it looks great!

credit to Willamette Valley

This version is looking a lot more of a ‘sci-fi mecha horror’ feel going on, and craeen humorously explains “I painted it for them… but did[n’t] realize the handle should have been painted like wood until I was done… they had fun discussing getting shocked if the handle was actually made out of metal…” It still looks super cool regardless.

credit to mildmojo

This version makes use of two switches, and even features labels to go with them! Kinda spooky to think that mildmojo has a dungeon, though I’m sure they probably haven’t got their own DIY monster project going on down there…

You too can print your own spooky switches and check it out here.

I could certainly do with a fair few of these at home…