3D Printing

Autodesk to Host Live 3D Printing Resin Q&A Today

Last month, Autodesk let loose on the world the recipe for its first 3D printing resin, designed for the Ember DLP 3D printer.  The resin, dubbed PR48, was published under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike license, the same license used by Arduino for its own open source products. This means that anyone looking to whip up their own version of PR48 can do so, perhaps driving the evolution of the material in the same way that the open source movement has pushed the evolution of desktop 3D printers.  To help spur this innovation, and create its own 3D printing community, Autodesk will be hosting a Q&A regarding PR48 today on its brand new forum.

3D print from autodesk ember

Today, from 10 to 11 am PST, the company will be answering questions regarding the resin’s formula and other related topics at the Ember Forum.  The conversation will be led by Autodesk lead chemist, Brian Adzima, lead engineer, Pierre Lin, and lead UX designer, Shalom Ormsby.  So, if you’d like to attend, head over to the site and make your voice heard.