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Katie Armstrong
Katie Armstrong
An Australian artist, writer and photographer living in London. I am an avid cosplayer and am addicted to science fiction, video games and cake.

When I began writing this piece, Robo3D's Kickstarter hadn't even launched yet. And now it has already reached over half its funding goal. But funding was never the end game for the company, who already have production of their ma [...]

French 3D printing startup Dagoma have received €3 million from investors with a goal of international expansion in mind. The company, who celebrated success with the Discovery200, a DIY printer kit with a price tag of €299, are l [...]

Brooklyn based MakerBot announced new 3D printing solutions yesterday (September 20), which promise to address the wider needs of professionals and educators. Coming shortly after the company's team up with Samsung to bring 3D pri [...]

The Netherlands-based tech company Doodle3D launched a Kickstarter today (September 20) to reach their funding goals for their newest 3D design application. Doodle3D Transform is designed to make 3D design and printing more fun an [...]

The world of 3D printed prosthetics is growing and expanding every day. From opensource designs, to bespoke pieces, there is literally something out there for every situation. New York prosthetists Create Orthotics and Prosthetics [...]

UPDATE 19/09: We spoke to one of the people behind the project, Hugh McGahern, and he gave us his insight on the machine. He told us exactly how the junction in the print works, and gave us some pictures as well. We all love a goo [...]

Under looming threat of customers 3D printing their own parts, UPS is planning on expanding its services to Asia and Europe. In a bid to fully embrace the technology and get ahead of the trend that threatens to take away a portion [...]

Aether has entered into an array of 3D bioprinting collaboration agreements with some of the world's top universities and government backed institutions. The Aether 1, which is still yet to be fully unveiled, was first announced b [...]

Announced at IMTS on the 12th of September, Ingersoll Machine Tools is forming a partnership with Oak Ridge National Laboratory to develop WHAM. Wide and High Additive Manufacturing, or WHAM, will be a very large AM system featuri [...]

UK based LPW Technology have opened a new research and development facility in the internationally recognised Daresbury Laboratory in Cheshire, UK. LPW is a market leader in the development of metal powder degradation and manufact [...]