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Doodle3D launch new Kickstarter

The Netherlands-based tech company Doodle3D launched a Kickstarter today (September 20) to reach their funding goals for their newest 3D design application. Doodle3D Transform is designed to make 3D design and printing more fun and accessible for a wider audience.

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Image: Doodle3D

“With the affordability and accessibility of modern 3D printers we felt that powerful but easy 3D design tools are still lacking.” says co-founder Rick Companje. “We want everyone to be able to get into 3D printing, without the barrier of learning a traditional CAD program before they can get their feet wet.”

The company set out to develop a tool that was both powerful, but simple to use, specifically with 3D printing in mind as an output for the designs made in the app.

“We bring some uncommon tools to the table that will spark interest from new users and veterans alike”, said co-founder Nico van Dijk.

The side by side 2D-3D. Image: Doodle3D
The side by side 2D-3D interface. Image: Doodle3D

No stranger to the successes of Kickstarter, Doodle3D utilized the platform in 2013 to launch the Doodle3D WiFi-Box and had over $73,000 pledged for their $50,000 goal. The product of their newest launch is Doodel3D Transform, which uses the 2D-to-3D concept very literally. The app’s interface is split into two halves; a 2D side on the left where users can draw shapes and designs, and a 3D side on the right. This is where the user changes and extrudes the 2D drawing into 3D shapes. It works both in browsers and as an app, and has a number of export options. External services like Shapeways, 3D Hubs and Materialise are some of these services.

The side by side 2D-3D interface. Image: Doodle3D

Why a new app?

The company responded to feedback they received on the Doodle3D WiFi Box and improved their upcoming product accordingly.

“Some of our users found the interface of our original Sketch app too limiting. Compatibility with closed-source proprietary 3D printers was also an ongoing issue”, said Companje.

Unlike the first product, Transform doesn’t require the WiFi Box, as the app is either installed on your smart device or accessed via web browser. This gives users far more flexibility than before and also opens up use of the app for any 3D printer owner that uses a proprietary machine, as the app can always export an .STL file.

From app to printer. Image: Doodle3D
From app to printer. Image: Doodle3D

Already a year into development, Doodle3D are looking to fund the final 6 months of development of Transform before its release. The Kickstarter will run from the 20th of September until the 21st of October, with the early bird price of just €15, with the regular price at €20. There is also the opportunity for backers to get access to the beta version of the app, immediately after the campaign ends October 21st up until the release of Doodle3D Transform in February 2017. You can access the Kickstarter here.

Featured image: Doodle3D