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Dassault Systèmes launches SOLIDWORKS 2017

We are quite familiar with the 3DEXPERIENCE Company Dassault Systèmes. Three months ago , our team covered that the French-based company started its collaboration with aviation giant Airbus Group.

On September 21, Dassault Systèmes released its latest version of SOLIDWORKS, the SOLIDWORKS 2017. Users will be able to create “multisensory experiences through innovative product design” with access to 3D design and development applications on any device.

“We must fulfill a lot of medical device requirements, and SOLIDWORKS has been helpful for leveraging cutting-edge industrial design to get our work done faster and our myoelectric upper limb orthosis to marke. We exclusively use SOLIDWORKS for the full spectrum of our design work. The ability to collaborate with industrial designers, consultants and manufacturers across different time zones simplifies the whole process.  The SOLIDWORKS models are so accurate and appealing that we can quickly design, iterate and improve a highly technical part.”  (Andrew Harlan, principal mechanical engineer)


Address PCB design

Compared with its previous versions, the biggest innovation about it could be its PCB design-featured functionality. It is said to seamlessly synchronize electronic and mechanical design on demand with a combination of electronics design expertise from Altium and ease of use from SOLIDWORKS.

The new version also features with a user-friendly surface, providing a unified environment for schematic and layout tools to select the best routing options. This is based on design constraints with Interactive Routing, AutoRoute, Multi-Track, and Differential Pair and is able to locate and select new components for informed decisions with real-time supplier data. In addition, the new version incorporates SOLIDWORKS models within the PCB design environment and verifies electro-mechanical design intent.

“SOLIDWORKS 2017 simplifies the design and development process with a better user experience, new capabilities for emerging technologies, and improved functionality for seamless collaboration with teams and networks. Each year, our SOLIDWORKS community’s feedback drives our research and development to offer a flexible product portfolio for business, design and engineering needs.  We are excited to put even more power and performance in their hands with SOLIDWORKS 2017.” (Gian Paolo Bassi, CEO, SOLIDWORKS, Dassault Systèmes)

Other improvements include faster speed for design process, smoother surfacing, easier drag and drop mating, etc. If you are interested in SOLIDWORK 2017, you might want to check it out online.

Feature Image: SOLIDWORKS