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Australian Feds Investigate 3D Group, ABC Confirms

Last October, I finally got to publish a long piece relaying a story told to me by Australian engineer Jason Simpson.  In it, I try to break down what happened between Jason and his former investors as it relates to a 3D printing startup he founded.  The story ends with Jason saying that his business was stripped away from him, leaving him without the means to make a living, and his former business being placed into bankruptcy.  While Jason is in the search for funds to take his former investors to court, his story has made its way to mainstream broadcasting in Australia.

This past week, Jason’s story has been aired both on ABC news radio and on TV, where those outside of the 3D printing community will be able to catch wind of what goes on in the world of 3D printing hype. The story confirms that the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) is beginning to investigate Jason’s investors and the new manifestation of their company, 333D Pty Ltd, formed as a means of transferring the assets of the liquidated company to a new business entity. The news channel also confirms that 333D Pty Ltd has signed a deal with the Australian Football League to create 3D printed merchandise for the league.

While Jason awaits for an opportunity to seek what he believes is justice in the court of law, his story is slowly gaining traction.  Though the current director of 333D Pty Ltd, one of Jason’s two primary investors covered at length in my original article, may not have made a comment to ABC news, Jason’s comments are now being broadcast widely.