3D Printing

The 3D printed house is here and it looks amazing

BAM and Universe Architecture will launch the 3D Builder at FabCity. This is a construction printer that offers complete freedom of movement and the ability to print houses on site.

It’s exciting technology that could change the construction industry and bring the housing market crashing to the ground. The 3D Builder will head straight in to service at FabCity and will create a ¼ scale landscape house at the exhibition at the end of Java-eiland in Amsterdam.

Universe Architecture’s Janjaap Ruijssenaars  dreamed up the landscape house, a 3D printed house with no beginning or end, in 2013. Then he set to work making the technology that could actually turn it into a reality.

How does the printer work?

In essence the company has combined a state-of-the-art 3D printer with a robotic arm more commonly seen on an automotive production line. The whole assembly can be mounted on Caterpillar tracks to give it complete freedom to roam a building site and construct a house. Potentially a lifter system could mean it can produce a building that is several storeys tall.

The printer can cope with stone or concrete and uses the Italian D-shape method. The company is already looking towards upgrading it to include steel for reinforcements and even insulation material so the robot can simply print the complete house.

This should slash construction time and a 3D printed house is a quest that has occupied a number of the industry’s leading lights for some time. The world’s first 3D printed office was recently opened in Dubai, but it was printed off  site and then installed. So this house could be an even bigger step.

A 3D printed house could change the world

How will 3D printing affect the housing market?

It will be fascinating to see what this does for the global housing market and how it can provide a roof over even the poorest people’s heads. It will certainly provide a better standard of accommodation in remote locations and the sheer potential for this product is incredible.

Amsterdam itself is looking at ways of fixing various housing issues and is delighted to have this groundbreaking technology in its city.

Egbert Fransen, the culture intendant of the official EU2016 Arts & Design programme, Europe by People, said: “The fact that the creation of this unique collaboration is taking place at FabCity is proof that if you bring together different innovative parties, large and small, the result is ground-breaking initiatives that are relevant for the development of the city of the future.”

We will keep a close eye on this as the landscape house is an epic piece of design, the 3D builder is equally impressive and we want to see this in all its glory.