3D Printing

Feel Confident & Comfortable with 3D Printed, Custom-Fitted 'Mesh Lingerie'

One of the key (but not only) advantages that 3D printing holds over most other traditional fashion manufacturing techniques is the ability to custom-fit the design to the wearer’s shape and style preference. Whether it’s made to be worn on the runway or the sidewalk, a number of fashion designers have been implementing additive manufacturing to create products that are unique, personalized, and highly fashionable. Now, thanks to Lidewij van Twillert, an industrial design engineer from the Netherlands-based Delft University of Technology, women will now have access to 3D printed garments meant to be worn in the bedroom.


van Twillert’s latest 3D printing-based project, which was undertaken with help from fellow TU Delft student Simon Luitse, is called Mesh Lingerie, a self-explanatory concept that focuses on making undergarments both comfortably fitting and compelling to the eye. The TU Delft-based designer plans on utilizing 3D body scans of prospective customers in order produce custom-fitting 3D designs. After the scan is completed, the bra will be 3D printed to include a support material in between the underwire and cup, producing more comfort for the wearer than offered with traditionally manufactured lingerie.


“I wanted to implement my vision in the project. I really liked fashion, but sometimes it can be superficial,” explained van Twillert. “I wanted more depth and meaning with the integration of technology. I came in touch with 3D body scanning, and thought: for what piece of clothing is it most important that it fits perfectly? A bra!”


Now currently working on the pilot project for her concept, van Twillert has already created a website for Mesh Lingerie detailing the production process and also looking for contestants to be scanned to test out these custom-fitted bras. Although van Twillert acknowledges that this endeavor will be a bit pricier then your average Victoria Secret bra, she is personally guaranteeing the most perfect fitting undergarment around. “Some women spend a lot of money on bras, and they may fit, but never perfectly,” she said. “They may have ten bras in their closet and only wear three. I expect it will cost €200 to €300, but for this I will give a perfect fit guarantee.”


Eventually, van Twillert would reportedly like to open up her own boutique for her Mesh Lingerie collection in Rotterdam, planning on conducting both the sales and 3D scans to produce the bra. With unique lace-like design and comfort supporting material, van Twillert is hoping to create a 3D printed product that is both sexy and serene to wear.