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3DShook Shakes Up Marketplaces with Unlimited 3D Printing Subscription Plan

While some sites offer 3D printable models for free, others sell their designs, and still others offer some combination of the two, a new Israeli company called 3DShook has taken a different approach, offering an unlimited subscription service. Like music streaming services, such as Spotify, 3Dshook gives users the ability to download an unlimited number of models for 3D printing with monthly fees starting as low as $14.90.

3Dshook subscription 3D printing

3DShook is made up of over forty categories of printable objects and, according to the company, all of these objects have been tested on FDM printers and are “carefully curated to include only designs that have purpose & usefulness in daily life or a cultural background.”  Seed-funded by a venture capital fund, 3DShook hosts over 600 models and plans to grow at a rate of 100+ per month.  And all of this is available for download, if you purchase one of the subscription packages listed below.

3Dshook subscription 3D printing package list

The company’s co-founder, Hector Berrebi, says of their vision, “We recognized a clear lack of quality content both appealing and functional, which is packaged and priced for mass consumption. We want to see 3D printers in every home – we feel that it’s already a perfect life companion – and believe that the way there is only through quality content. Coming from a background in digital content, and seeing the trends in recent years, we took the subscription model as our goal. We’re proud to offer a large, ever-growing, fully-curated and fully-tested collection of designs, in which anyone can find things that they love, need or want, print as much as they like, and take a step into the amazing future of home manufacturing.”

3DShook has its own in-house design and QA teams to ensure that their prints are printable.  Berrebi continues, “We cancel or put on hold roughly 20% of our designs during QA. We want to assure the best possible 3D printing experience so any design that does not print well won’t make it to the collection. We aren’t just another 3D printable repository of models. We are a brand, and one dedicated to give its customers the best shopping experience 3D printing can offer.”

In addition to hosting the models, the company has also launched its own online viewing system and tools to position, scale, and prep models for 3D printing. The site is still in beta, with the company planning to launch a number of new features in the near future.  3DShook also hopes to encourage new users to take advantage of their service through a variety of discounts.  If you’re still on the fence about whether or not to join, you can also download their trial prints for free, just to test it all out.