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3DP Unlimited Opens Up Leasing Program for Large-Scale 3D Printers

Despite the hype, not everyone can afford a 3D printer, evidenced by recent leasing programs from Airwolf 3D and MakerBot. This is especially true for large-scale 3D printers, such as 3DP1000 from 3DP Unlimited.  However, such machines, especially when amplified to the scale of the 3DP1000’s 1000mm x 1000mm x 500mm build volume, have the potential to launch businesses that could pay back such loans.  And, for that reason, 3DP Unlimited has launched its own leasing program, via a partnership with Lease Corporation of America, to make its large-format printers accessible to a wider range of people.

3DP’s Platform Leasing Program makes their $20,000 3DP1000 available for under $400 per month.  The open-source printer is one of the largest in the industry, at 70 times the size of average desktop machines.  For this reason, it may be especially appealing to businesses hoping to prototype and produce end products for such industries as aerospace and construction.

3DP Unlimited 3D prints Frankenstein head for halloween

John Good, Vice President of Global Sales and Marketing for 3DP, said of the new program, “The impact of 3D printing cannot be understated. Just as personal computers revolutionized communication and creativity, 3D printing is upgrading the competitiveness and speed of global business. From rapid prototyping to finished goods, our clients rely on 3DP’s professional-grade technology to drive their businesses, and now our Platform Leasing Program makes it available to everyone.”

Brian C. Kemp, Sr. Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Lease Corporation of America, added, “We have partnered with 3DP to power the Platform Leasing Program and bring affordable financing options to this rapidly growing industry. LCA and 3DP will work with each organization—from manufactures and service providers to designers and schools—to develop tailored financing that allows them to quickly obtain their own 3DP1000 at a low monthly price.”

With a number of leasing programs, for periods of 24, 36, 48, or 60 months, this will give 3DP an additional selling point, as they tour the country with their large-scale machines. The company will first be attending RAPID 2015 in Long Beach, CA from May 19-21, before heading to the Automation Technology Expo East in New York, from June 9-11. As the first large-scale printer manufacturer to offer such a leasing program, the company may be able to get its machines into the hands of more businesses than previously possible.